Thursday, January 28, 2010

Join us for a distant healing event for Haiti and Puerto Rico

Full Moon group distant healing event
Special focus on Haiti

30 January 2010

Linking with the 16th sacred site Full Moon attunement of the
Grand Maya Itza Council, to be focused on
Guayama, Puerto Rico

- All are welcome to participate in this event -

All beings everywhere are invited to join us for this global distant healing event, starting at 5 pm GMT/UTC on Saturday 30 January. To check the starting time in your part of the world, go to this link at the World Clock.

We will be linking with the Full Moon sacred site attunement of the Grand Maya Itza Council for Guayama, Puerto Rico (more info below), which as it happens is "just a stone throw away" from Haiti, quite a startling synchronicity considering that it was about two years back that the Maya drew up their calendar of Full Moon ceremonies leading up to December 2012.

This event will have as a special focus the people of Haiti, which is located on the island of Hispanola, between Puerto Rico and Cuba in the Greater Antilles region of the Caribbean.

The treatment process will be facilitated by Edna Spennato, located on the NE coast of Brazil, with a surrogate assisting locally in Brazil and four other surrogates anchoring the healing energy and releasing unneeded energies in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Austria and the USA, on behalf of all the participants and the collective consciousness.

More than 200 participants around the globe will be focusing their combined consciousness with the intention of assisting the collective healing for the highest good of all during this event, which will begin at 2 pm local Brazilian time (5 pm GMT) and will continue for approximately 3 hours.

Participation is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, on a donation basis. To be included as a participant, please send an e-mail to earthhealadmin at gmail dot com before midnight GMT/UTC on Friday 29 January. Those who cannot afford a donation are welcome to participate on a pro bono basis.

Or participants may choose to take advantage of annual membership to Earth Heal, and be included in all of our distant healings events for a year. For more info about how to become an annual member of Earth Heal, go to this link.

Feedback received from our recent Solstice event on 21 December 2009 can be read at these links:

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The Maya Full Moon attunement for Guayama, Puerto

The Grand Mayan Itza Council will be making a journey in spirit to Guayama, Puerto Rico on 30 January 2010, the 16th in a sequence of 52 ceremonies leading up to December 2012. This attunement is the third one in the second of four 13-moon cycles which began on 13 November 2008.

We are asked to join them in sending our collective love and healing to Guayama during the full moonrise in our own part of the world, and we will be expanding it to include Haiti in partcular.

For more info and the full list of sacred sites and full moon dates released by Don Hunbatz Men of the Grand Maya Itza Council, go to this link.

Guayama, Puerto Rico

Location of Guayama

A municipality since 1736, Guayama (pronounced gwah-YAH-mah) derives its name from the Taíno word Guamaní, which means "our path" and the name of Chief Guayama, who ruled before the Spaniards came. The Taino were the original indigenous inhabitants of the island. Chief Guayama was known as a very powerful medicine man within his tribe, and for this reason the Spaniards refered to the town as La Ciudad Bruja (witch city) or Pueblo de los Brujos (city of witches). Translated from Spanish, the word brujo means witch.

According to legend, Chief Guayama was very wise in his ways, and many of his descendents became medicine men and women. This connection with witchcraft is another strange coincidence, considering all the folklore regarding Haiti's voodoo past.

The region around Guayama still honors African legends of sorcery and witchcraft, which are told during the annual Brujo Carnival festival.

Proximity to Haiti

Haiti is situated between Cuba and Puerto Rico, and in fact the earthquake was felt in parts of Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, as well as southeastern Cuba, eastern Jamaica, and as far as Tampa, Florida and Caracas, Venezuela, and in Turks and Caicos Islands.

Though there has been no major earthquake in Haiti for over 200 years, this is actually the third time in recorded history that the capital, Port Au Prince, has been destroyed by earthquakes.

Info about the event on 30 January

During the treatment process, we will work with each participant individually and as part of the group. The participants will be assisting the planetary healing by anchoring the healing energy in their part of the world, and releasing disharmonic energies no longer needed, on an individual and collective level. For those who have never before experienced vibrational healing work, this is the ideal opportunity.

We use a cutting-edge approach known as Synchronization Harmonics, and participation is open on a donation basis to anyone, anywhere in the world. Or you may choose to take advantage of Earth Heal annual membership at a nominal fee, to be included as a participant in group remote events to be held on the Solstices and Equinoxes as well as other significant dates over the next year, and receive a discount on private treatments arranged with Edna Spennato during the year.

Feedback from participants and detailed reports about what came up during the treatment for the group as a whole, and for the collective consciousness on a planetary level, are sent out to all participants after each remote group healing event.

First-time participants should send an e-mail to us at earthheal at gmail dot com by midnight GMT/UT on Friday 29 January, so if you are interested in taking part, please check the links ASAP for info on how to be included.

This is an opportunity to harmonise with the lunar cycle, and to utilise the powerful incoming energies available for personal and planetary healing on this special day

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