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Feedback from surrogates & participants after the Solstice event, December 22, 2007

Below are extracts from the large amount of feedback received from the surrogates and participants after the event:

Feedback from the surrogates

24 December

  • Heaven and earth...Edna, it was as if the day was perfect just for the healing. Full moon blue sky - all this in Ireland in December, where it gets dark at 4-ish. The vibration was electric, and I could feel a deep sense of connectiveness whilst inside, alive and every cell vibrating. I opened up to allow myself to be used as a conduit and felt blissfully aware that I was in the right place. A real privilege. I was happy and content.... Karen, who spent the first two hours of the event in the inner sanctum at Newgrange, Ireland.

28 December

  • ....I almost teletransport myself during our solstice event, spinning and rotating in a romboidical structure through pakistan caves and ancient irish ruins and africa's southernmost tip, before almost disappearing, dissolved in quarks or quasars (I decided to come back and then luckily was allowed...), healing and forgiving this poor blue planet, so abused... while recuperating of heavy detox processes in preparation for the next and looking for my falcon feather in the seashore... lots of love, with my best wishes for Next Year... Gonzalo, Praia do Frances, NE coast of Brazil

1 January 2008

  • It is 1:39am on 1 January - I am at Abu Dhabi airport awaiting my flight back to Johannesburg - decided to come home a bit earlier and not head on to Nepal. I felt the tense situation in Pakistan quite deeply and got very sad and wept uncontrollably the night before the assassination - maybe a sensing of what was to come? I was up the valley at the salt mines and when I sat down was overcome with sadness - some letting go and healing. Then when news came through immense sadness for the people of Pakistan...Had a strong connection with the salt mine area... started feeling things very deeply once at the salt mines - amazing place...The morning after assassination I took a hike up the salt valley and fasted for peace for the day, and slept under the stars which was a beautiful experience. Will update further when back. ...Love, peace and blessings... Anthony (en route from Islamabad, Pakistan to Cape Town, South Africa)

Feedback from participants

22 December

  • In the early hours of the morning, before the start of the event: I'm already feeling a huge release of negative energy and rush of pure positivity in beyond the bones of my being right (in the early hours, before the event began) down to the core of my consciousness!…Southern Oregon, USA

  • During the treatment process: ...we are all in a wonderful peaceful bubble Edna, and I trust it has and will do its thing...this treatment was very, very strong here... Swakopmund, Namibia

  • After the event had ended: ....I am still feeling sensations around my heart, the upper part of my head (brain) and crown chakra, as well as the first and second chakra area - very fast swirling energy, as if millions of cells are being rewired .... while I write this.... hmmmmm.... Skillman, New Jersey, USA

23 December

  • Evening of 22 Dec: Well that was quite something, it felt like I lost track of time! I left work ...and as I drove home I just started yawning and yawning! ... I soon passed out ... I was also really thirsty. ...I woke with quite a headache and a general all over achy feeling. I felt really tired and quite stiff in my joints, especially my ankles...I went to sit outside and catch the last rays of sunlight in the trees and felt a deep sense of peace and contentment. The only other sensation I was aware of during the treatment was about 15 minutes into the treatment and about 15 minutes before the end, I had quite a sharp pain in my throat, up towards the top left, which lasted for about a minute each time. Maybe related to my personal focus....The main feeling being one of intense tiredness and gentle aching in the physical body. Right now about 2 hours later I am feeling fine, just a gentle tiredness and a slight headache... Maun, Botswana

  • Yesterday I got so sleepy during the day...Did an unheard thing for me, and lay down for an hour over lunch time – the best nap that I have ever had! Went out Xmas shopping about 6pm & came home 1 hr later, and conked out on the couch again – just couldn't keep me eyes open. Yes, it was early to bed last night, as the sleepiness and the tug to bed was so great – guess there was plenty for them to work on… During the event, also experienced the familiar shooting aches and pains, some very piercing and painful...All in all, a wonderful healing event to tune into to ... Some of the acute pains I had were in the right knee, on the right side – these were also experienced during the last healing event in the exact same spot... Also had some shooting pains in the lower stomach...Also felt a sense of being distant from the physical body. As I type, your feedback reminded me to ground myself every day to mother earth, so that's what I am doing right now! V. experienced lots of lethargy and tiredness yesterday... Johannesburg, South Africa

  • I was counting the days for this healing event to take place. I focused on '' truth'' the day before and on the actual day of the event. It was probably my truth, to stand in my power. This is how I feel now - powerful, with a voice! I feel lighter and much more focused. Not sleepy, not tired or even dehydrated. I felt all these things before. Thank you for this incredible event, to you all and your helpers. It has given me a strength that I needed to break into. Basically to remove the emotional charge and ''do it anyway!"...With much relief and love from... Okavango Delta, Botswana

  • Thank you again for including us in the healing... My shins were son also seems to be cleansing his system...he went to the toilet many times and was drinking lots of water. He didn't sleep much - both of us were very alert, which is quite unusual.... Johannesburg, South Africa

  • ...I had further observations in my body: I still have the feeling as if I am just about to get my period (I have menopause since 2 years and no more period since over one year... :) Skillman, New Jersey, USA

  • ...Yes, it was intense, and today, still very sleepy and taking it easy... A wave of calm and absolute bliss overcame me, when I went out to admire the sunset earlier... Johannesburg, South Africa

  • ...the first half an hour was very intensive. In spite of my noisy environment, I fell quickly into trance, no more pain in my neck and head. I felt very light and in contact with my beloved blue light. Then I had a feeling of rather confusing energies and took a break...I was disappointed, but later in the evening, when a neighbour visited who needed reassurance and help, I registered, first by the behaviour of my cat which is, as cats are, very sensitive, that I was highly charged... Zurndorf, Austria.

24 December

  • ... For days prior to the healing, I was edgy and slept badly. I had, and still have, high levels of energy in my hands and they respond "shockingly" when wet and when touching taps. I do not experience the same shocks when touching other metals or objects....During and after the healing I felt a sense of calm and a knowingness that something has shifted for me. I do not have words for it. I sleep for short periods - and this is very deep sleep. For the rest, I feel somewhat "other worldly". My body still has aches and pains, particularly the upper back, and I've been detoxing steadily....I get the sense that this healing event was very auspicious for all on the planet at this time... East London, South Africa

  • Edna, as always, blessed be for the healing and the cleansing exchanges! I was sick with a wicked cold since last weekend... after the healing, I felt a heaviness in my head, shoulders, even jaw. After a few hours, I started to "lighten" up...I felt as if nothing negative could shake me. The lesson implied letting go of what is not "a fit" and don't look back! :) Hamden, CT USA

  • Thank you and much appreciated for the healing...I had a very busy day, though in the afternoon things settled down and I tried to relax and rest... felt very cold and chilly towards the evening and just wanted to relax and sleep (I was the only one who felt cold amongst friends and family at the time). Slept at night like a "baby" and even had "forty winks" this afternoon. Feel much lighter and energised right now... Durban, South Africa

  • I was tuned in the entire time, then slept deeply for the next three hours. Had a scratchy throat and vivid dreams. Feel so calm now, but still sleepy. You are all wished Tidings of Great Joy... Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

27 December

  • Just to let you know, I.G. gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Saturday 18:47... 22 December !!! (Note from Edna - i.e. about halfway through the event) She is very healthy and should be out of ICU tomorrow... Johannesburg, South Africa

  • ...Thank you for the solstice healing! I had a beautiful experience during the event; I was lying face down on the beach (it was a perfect summer afternoon), and at one point I had the sensation of 'letting go' which was accompanied by waves of colourful, love-filled outward radiating circles or spheres of light. It felt so peaceful. ... And despite a turbulent emotional event the previous day, I felt very contented, at peace, clear, and happy within myself. Since then I've been sleeping a huge amount! and feeling groggy with a slightly sore throat...I give Thanks and Praises... Cape Town, South Africa

  • ...just to say thanks to you and the team for another wonderful healing session! It never ceases to amaze me how I seem to 'defocus' as soon as the healing session kicks in, so much so that it is best I don't drive or deal with client! I spent the hours relaxing at home enjoying an overall tingling sensation whilst in and out of meditative state. Drank loads of water afterwards and although tired felt pretty good. Sunday was peaceful and by Monday I had so much energy but was a little impatient others were not at the same speed!... Maun, Botswana

  • ...WE had some stormy weather in East London, SA on Christmas evening. I got to bed fairly early and slept the ENTIRE day yesterday (26 Dec). I've had a slow start to today and feeling calm. In gratitude... East London, South Africa

28 December

  • I found the treatment very powerful and to the point - not on the actual day though, but two days later, and still processing. Thanks... Johannesburg South Africa

  • ...K.'s foot healed wonderful after we took him to the vet, but I am convinced the Earth healing made it heal so, so wonderfully. I am well, very peaceful and happy. K.'s stomach is not well, but might also be from the treatment... Swakopmund, Namibia

  • ...Thank you for all the healings you have offered throughout the year. This one felt particularly potent. It came at the end of a 5-day Biodanza encounter and I felt that I was being connected to such high vibrations.... Big things are unfolding for me... Wilderness, South Africa

29 December

  • On the day of the treatment, C. and Y. were very irritable the whole day. We were all slightly tired, even before the treatment. Did not have a lot of physical symptoms this time, it felt very light and gentle for me. We all slept well that night and everyone was more peaceful and calm on the Sunday. ....Lots of love, light and gratitude for your facilitation!... Cape Town, South Africa

8 January 2008

  • Just read all of the report... so very interesting and powerful... Slept from 9 till one and have been up meditating, contemplating, and enjoying the silence of the snow. My heartfelt thanks... Salt Lake City, USA

  • Many thanks for the feedback. The more information and feedback I get about the Solstice event, the more I'm convinced that it was truly an auspicious one. So much of your feedback relates directly to me. "Memories being triggered...". For several weeks now I've had flashbacks to people, events, smells, places, etc. I grew up on the Cape Flats and had Malay god-parents who lived in District Six before being moved to the Flats... Reached the end of one's tether". That's exactly how I feel right now.... This leaves me with a "tendency to feel paralysed" and a "tendency to feel closed on some level"...Thanks for taking the time to read this. I feel very isolated here in East London, and so this connection with the wider Earth Heal community has a very special place in my heart... East London, South Africa

  • ...Thank you once again for a brilliant treatment!....So many "hits" in the reports - totally relevant to my own personal experiences. Amazing. I was very happy to see Edgar Cayce as one of the unseen helpers, since he is one of my own personal unseen mentors. Thank you, Mr. Cayce!...Just at the time of the treatment, I decided that after a year and a half of study, I don't need to convert to Judaism. I can take what I've learned and apply it to being what I really want to be - a shaman. Learning the Orthodox material will help me, and it was quite mentally stimulating, but I no longer have to be "fastidious" (as the Guides put it so well)....That was a big deal for me.... I'm putting aside what I no longer need to focus on and I'm moving on to the next wonderful adventure....You're doing marvellous work. Thank you for doing what you do and then taking so much care in documenting it for us.... Johannesburg, South Africa

9 January 2008

  • ...This has been THE most POWERFUL healing session and I am not only feeling better and clearer, with some ripples of doubt at times and intense too, but it has left me feelings of so much hope. It has been amazing for me. All the extra info you keep sending tops it up and has a magnitude effect on my energy levels. I bless you... I can tell you that since then I have done my own thing without any hold backs or hesitations at work... Okavango Delta, Botswana

  • Wow, thanks for the amazing feedback report. Carefully read thru it all, what a comprehensive report, Edna! After reading about many people receiving a gift from spirit in the form of feathers, now aware of them lying on the carpet in some of my rooms e.g. my healing room, lounge and spare room...Keep up the wonderful work – loved the insert on Lord Kumara, just love his direction, focus and energy for mankind and Mother Earth.... Johannesburg, South Africa

14 January 2008

  • Wow! Loved reading every word thus far today, and can't wait till tonight. I'm ever so grateful for you and your consciousness...Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

15 January 2008

  • After reading your extensive report, I look back on the happenings of the past few weeks and realise how fast everything is shifting. ...During and after the solstice treatment, it was clear that the work was more potent than before. Collective waves washed through me and caused intense nausea and a feeling of being spaced out, feeling a connection to very high light energy. In the days that followed, it was clear to me that I needed to put my house up for sale to be free to serve Spirit in whatever way was needed. Before I even saw any agents, I was phoned by an interested buyer, a "kindred spirit". Within three days, the sale was signed and sealed. You mention one of the aspects being accentuated is "being as free as the wind"... along with this comes greater simplicity in lifestyle...your treatments inspire me to be more and more available to facilitate Synchronization Harmonics treatments in my new home town, Somerset West.... Thank you for all you do... Wilderness, South Africa

  • I am overwhelmed with the sacredness of your healing work... Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

16 January 2008

  • Since our Winter Solstice healing experience, I have picked up my books again, which were lying around untouched for 6 months and am now completing my Masters Degree in Metaphysical Psychology. I also started a Meditation Circle, meeting every Friday evening; it turned out to become a mother-daughter Self-Discovery group. So much EGO was coming through the past year, giving me so much false information about myself and my purpose.... Thank you AGAIN for facilitating this healing energy which gives us a chance to attune with our Higher Self or God-Mind again!!!... Skillman, New Jersey, USA.

  • My first vibrational healing experience was interesting. I decided to have a calm evening in my hotel room reading, and just as the session began, I got very drowsy and developed an intense headache. I decided to sleep it out and awoke around 10:30 pm Indian time - headache had cleared by then. For the next few days however, my digestive system seemed to be much more active and I had a couple of nights with odd dreams. Since the experience I have also been able to let go of tension and stress quite easily - which is extremely uncharacteristic for me. I am able to enjoy the moments in each day and not re-live negative issues as much - I feel lighter!... Johannesburg, South Africa (in Goa, India during the event)

  • Health wise, I feel better now. . ...I noticed within this period, that during meditation (in spite of being grounded!), you very easily can become connected with the collective consciousness of groups or peoples . While I experienced the connection with Red Indian Sisters and Brothers as very positive, the negative disturbances I felt during the solstice event (after the first half hour), had obviously to do with the collective consciousness of Pakistan. This I interpreted as indication that the decreasing magnetic field of our planet is already very much in turmoil...and that there is the danger, that the collective consciousness of certain groups takes over. This makes your balancing work on the planetary level tremendous important.... Somewhere you described loving hands holding the flame of life. This is a vision, which came up during the last weeks while making a Yoga exercise for my back... Zurndorf, Austria


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More about Earth Heal

The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project:
  • Conducts independant research, networking & teaching in the field of personal and planetary healing, and the collective morphic field shared by all
  • Facilitates regular group planetary healing events, with hundreds of people and animals participating simultaneously around the globe
  • Offers private distant healing treatments for individuals, groups, animals and places (houses, areas of land and water, businesses etc.), using the distant healing method known as Synchronization Harmonics
  • Offers training to healing practitioners in the method known as Synchronization Harmonics
  • Offers support via distant healing to animals and people in real need, on a pro-bono basis (refugees, victims of war, drought, homeless and indigent people) via the Earth Heal Clinic
  • Conducts regular non-public planetary healing work under guidance from the collective Higher Self and beings of light working for the Higest Good of All, weekly or fortnightly
  • Receives no governmental or corporate funding, and is supported solely by membership fees and private donations made by individuals.

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Hi from Earth Heal!

Welcome to our new blog!

Although Earth Heal has been in existence for more than ten years, we have remained "under the radar" until now, and those using our services have found out about them mainly through word of mouth.

We recently decided to make a lot of our information available for people to access, and have many files related to group distant healing events which we will be posting over the next few days and weeks. In the meantime, for more info, please send us an e-mail.