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Please join us for the group distant healing event on Equinox, March 20!

Robert Smithson's monumental earthwork Spiral Jetty (1970), Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA.

Equinox group distant healing event
20 March 2009

Autumn Equinox in the S. hemisphere
Spring Equinox in the N. hemisphere

- All are welcome to join us for this event -

The treatment process will be facilitated by Edna Spennato, located on the NE coast of Brazil, with Gonzalo Leal surrogating locally in Brazil on behalf of all the participants around the world, and five other surrogates anchoring the healing energy and releasing unneeded energies on behalf of the collective consciousness in South Africa, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, the USA and Europe (Austria).

More than 200 participants around the globe will be focusing their combined consciousness with the intention of assisting the collective healing for the highest good of all during this event, which will begin at 9.30 am local Brazilian time (12:30 GMT), or 2.30 pm in Southern Africa, and will continue for approximately 3 - 4 hours.

To view the exact starting time of the event in your part of the world, consult this link at the World Clock.

Participation is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, on a donation basis, or participants may choose to take advantage of annual membership to Earth Heal.

For more info about becoming an annual member of Earth Heal, and being included in all our distant healing events for the year, go to this link.

For more info about this event and the experience of participating, please go to this link.

For info on how to register as a non-member participant in this event, please go to this link.

The participant's registration form can be downloaded here.

Feedback received
from our two most recent events can be read at these links:

Solstice, 20 Dec 2008

Feedback from the facilitator and surrogates

Feedback from participants

Full Moon, Partial Lunar Eclipse, 9 Feb 2009

Feedback from the facilitator and surrogates

Feedback from participants

The period from 20 March - 9 April 2009

The 21 days from Equinox on 20 March to the Full Moon of April 9 have been described as a period of heightened elecro-magnetic activity on the crystalline grid of the planet, in which long dormant magnetic codes are to be reactivated in specific generation points on the earth.

We will be hosting the Extraordinary Blessings and Amazing Synchronicity event at the end of this 21-day period, on the Full Moon of 9 April (more info to be posted here soon).

In a recent reading channeled via J. Tyberonn, The Return of the Firmament of the Dove, it was said that this equinox will initiate an "incredibly intense energy for 21 days in fervid momentum through the post equinox full moon on April 9th...all of you will discernibly feel the piercing frequency generated. ...The purpose of the download is to reseed and activate ancient magnetic codes across the length and breadth of the planet."

Info about the upcoming event on 20 March

During the treatment process, we will work with each participant individually and as part of the group. The participants will be assisting the planetary healing by anchoring the healing energy in their part of the world, and releasing disharmonic energies no longer needed, on an individual and collective level. For those who have never before experienced vibrational healing work, this is the ideal opportunity.

We use a cutting-edge approach known as Synchronization Harmonics, and participation is open on a donation basis to anyone, anywhere in the world. Or you may choose to take advantage of Earth Heal annual membership at a nominal fee, to be included as a participant in group remote events to be held on the Solstices and Equinoxes as well as other significant dates over the next year, and receive a discount on private treatments arranged with Edna Spennato during the year.

Feedback from participants and detailed reports about what came up during the treatment for the group as a whole, and for the collective consciousness on a planetary level, are sent out to all participants after each remote group healing event.

First-time participants should get their details and pics to us via e-mail in good time before the event, so if you are interested in taking part, please check the links ASAP for info on how to be included.

This is an opportunity to harmonise with the solar cycle, and to utilise the powerful incoming energies available for personal and planetary healing on this special day


Ancient traditions understand that the Equinox is a powerful time to initiate changes in our material world and shift into a new reality. This applies to both Spring and Autumn Equinoxes.

On Equinox, the Earth and Sun are in perfect balance and harmony, as the sun is centered between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, and centered between Heaven and Earth. This creates a sacred cross of balancing energy that naturally harmonizes the planet and humanity.

For thousands of years, light workers, peacekeepers, shamans, healers and spiritual warriors around the globe have joined together to work with this powerful energy on the days of Equinox.

Equinox occurs only twice in the year, when the Sun is directly over the Equator, and the days and nights are of equal length all over the world, representing a time of balance between the light and the dark. The Autumn Equinox happening in the S. hemisphere represents the time to harvest what we have sowed and nurtured over the past season, while the Spring Equinox occurring in the N. hemisphere symbolises the time to sow the seeds for the future we are manifesting.

A vast number of ancient cultures built their greatest architectures - tombs, temples, cairns and sacred observatories - so that they aligned with the Solstices and Equinoxes, which were recognised as particularly powerful days of the year by ancient civilizations, including the early Egyptians, whose Great Sphinx faces directly towards the rising sun on the Equinox.

Setting our intentions for what we want to create

As Barbara Hand-Clow wrote just before the March 2008 Equinox, "... This is the time to work with three clear intentions that reflect your desires for the next stage of your growth... list the three things you want to create... visualizing these intentions... Then just forget about them, put them away somewhere, and go about your business.....

"Be very careful about deciding exactly what you want to create because these things will happen. Are you sure you'd really want these things if you could have them? George Bush invaded Iraq right during the 2003 Spring Equinox... He chose that moment because he knew it would create a long-lasting occupation."

This is what Hand-Clow wrote about the planetary energies just before the March Equinox last year. Her words are eerily prophetic, as we now see one year later...

"The Calleman/Clow cosmic view of the Mayan Calendar helps us to see that the enlightenment of the human species is coming very rapidly now, which is why there is so much chaos. Yet, I will not mince words and avoid speaking the truth about what we face right now: Night Five - late 2007 through most of 2008 - is the darkest hour of all the Nine Underworlds. To comprehend what this might mean for us, we need to look at two recent Night Fives during previous Underworlds. During the 5125-year National Underworld, Night Five was AD 434-829: the infamous "Dark Ages" in the West. Culture collapsed and people struggled to survive. During the 256-year Planetary Underworld, Night Five was 1932-1952: the Great Depression, Hitler, and WW II. This was one of the darkest and most insecure periods in recent times. Due to the rapid time acceleration of the Galactic Underworld since 1999, we are transmuting the events of 434-829 and 1932-52 during only 360 days (November 19, 2007, through November 12, 2008). It is the darkest hour of the Galactic Underworld, yet it lasts for less than one year....

"The old destructive ways of life are crashing and burning, new paths are opening, and it is hard to be alive now... The (March 2008) Spring Equinox chart suggests the housing and financial crisis will explode this spring... the US always seeks its own security first. Americans seek home ownership while their government is destroying homes in other countries... the US is fantasy-ridden and does not see the harm it causes for almost everybody else. America claims the right to attack anybody in the world to defend its own interests, and this stance will be severely challenged this spring. This equinox is going to expose the extent of American aggression... the US will be very aggressive and destructive in the Middle East while a financial collapse spreads.

"As I've said many times, a financial collapse in the US may be the only thing that can stop American aggression overseas, and I think the (March 2008) Spring Equinox chart predicts just such a great challenge to American power in the world and at home... What if the US continued to get away with these abuses? What if the US did become the global empire?...

"Make good and strong intentions during the equinox..."

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Monday, March 09, 2009

Join the Maya March Full Moon Attunement for Boondooma, Australia

It's coming up for full moon! Consider joining the Grand Mayan Council in spirit for the March full moon sacred site attunement, sending our collective love and healing to Boondooma, Australia.

We are asked to simply focus our intent for healing to Boondooma during the full moonrise in our own part of the world, or any time during the period from moonrise (about 6 pm local Queensland time on 11 March) to moonset (about 5.30 am Queensland time on 12 March), which will be from about 8 am GMT to about 7.30 pm GMT on 11 March.

If you play the didgeridoo, this will also be a wonderful way to connect to the heartbeat of the Rainbow Serpent of the region. To find the time in your part of the world which corresponds to the time of the moonrise at Boondooma, please go to this link at the World Clock.

The moon will be at its fullest at 2:38 am GMT/UTC on 11 March, and the time and date differs depending on where you are in the world. Here on the NE coast of Brazil, we will experience full moon at 10.38 pm on Tuesday 10 March, while in Queensland, Australia, it will be happening at 12:38 PM on March 11. In New York, USA, it occurs at 10.38 pm on 10 March, in the UK, at 2:38 am on March 11, and in South Africa it will be happening at 4.38 am on Wednesday 11 March. To find out the exact time of the moon at its fullest in your part of the world, go to this link at the World Clock.

This Maya full moon attunement will be the fifth in a sequence of 52 visits in spirit to different sacred sites on the planet.

The project was initiated in Angkor, Cambodia on the full moon of 13 November 2008 and will continue until the full moon of December 2012, ending at Vijayanagar, India.

For more info and the full list of sacred sites and full moon dates released by Don Hunbatz Men of the Grand Maya Council, go to this link.

What is special about Boondooma?

To the original Aboriginal inhabitants who inhabited the area for more than 60 000 years, Boondooma meant "a waterhole dug in the sand from which to obtain a drink".

Boondooma is located close to the Boyne River in South East Queensland, a sizable watercourse which usually appears to be a dry bed of sand, but is actually fed by the Great Artesian Basin, a huge body of fresh water beneath the ground in Central Australia.

Detailed knowledge of waterhole locations was very important to the survival of the Aborigines in the Australian desert, and as they knew, even when the Boyne River appeared to have dried up completely, good clear water was readily available just beneath the surface of the sand.

The Rainbow Serpent of the Great Artesian Basin

The Rainbow Serpent is an important mythological being for Aboriginal people across Australia, who regard it as a serpent of immense proportions which inhabits deep, permanent waterholes like Boondooma, and is in control of life's most precious resource, water.

It is the sometimes unpredictable Rainbow Serpent who vies with the ever-reliable Sun, and replenishes the stores of water.

Dreamtime stories tell of the great Spirits during creation, who in animal and human form molded the barren and featureless earth. The Rainbow Serpent is said to have come from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains and gorges as it pushed upward.

Some additional info from Jenny Foley in Australia (with thanks!): "The Boyne River rises from the Bunya Mountains.... There is more to the story than most people know. Originally the Rainbow Serpent was birthed at the Bunya Mountains ... there were two eggs birthed and carried by the original great Serpent towards the place of hatching at Uluru in the center of Australia. One egg was lost on the way and it is thought that this egg was the Feminine. (It is believed by the Aborigine that) only the Masculine survived and was birthed ... and so we view the formation of landscapes in Australia as done by the Masculine ... hence this ancient land has a very strong masculine energy. This was told to me by an indigenous elder who knew the true and deep stories of the land."

The Intertwining of the Rainbow Serpent and the Plumed Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent is also regarded as a great energy current that travels the world from Uluru (Ayres Rock), linking the power sites and chakras of the planet before meeting itself back in Uluru. The Aborigines knew this serpent well, and their stories tell of two serpents, a female named Kuniya and her nephew, Liru, who meet at Uluru.

Though the Rainbow Serpent is regarded by the Aborignes as being a masculine energy, Robert Coon views it as the female aspect of two great energy lines, and the other, the Plumed Serpent of the Maya, as the male aspect (see map below).

Copyright © 1967 - 2008 Robert Coon. All rights reserved.

Though predominantly male or female, Coon views each of the serpents as being a combination of male and female currents that intertwine like a Caduceus or Kundalini through the landscape.

The Michael and Mary Line is the part of the Rainbow Serpent that travels though England linking many sacred sites from St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, through to Glastonbury, Avebury and many other sacred sites until it goes into the North Sea.

Boondooma's recent history, needing healing

In the 1980's, Boondooma Dam was built across the Byne River to supply the needs of the Tarong Power Station 97km to the south, literally forcing the underground water up to the surface, blocking the flow of energy and artificially creating the massive Boondooma Lake (see pic on left).

During tomorrow's full moon, let us send our love, strength and energy to the rainbow serpent of the region, despite the blockage created by the construction of the dam.

As the World Healing Project says, "....Our thoughts have great power, and when we join together, our collective intentions can bring about profound benefits to our world. Many researches have found that focused group meditation causes interactions with the energy field or grid of the earth helping to reduce crime, bring greater civic responsibility and improve the health and well-being of the community.

When the world meditates together for planetary peace and well-being the effects are greatly amplified. Many ancient cultures and modern researchers believe the sacred sites of the world are connected through subtle lines of energy which interact with our consciousness. This Full Moon Earth Healing will help to bring peace and harmony to individuals and the planet in these times of great transformation. As the Grand Mayan Council say, this practice “will be the best way to contribute to the salvation of our Mother Earth as well as the sacred human race and all the living beings.”

• Focus on the love and peace within you.
• Send it out to your community every day.
• On the full moon join thousands of people around the world in sending love and healing to the chosen sacred site.

>> Maya Full Moon Sacred Site Attunements Leading to December 2012

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Feedback after the 9 February healing event focusing on Gaza

Unified consciousness in action - Flight of the Golden Rays
Photograph by Sandra Critelli

9 February 2009 - Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse

On Feb 9, the Earth Heal Clinic facilitated a three-hour distant healing event for 220 participants around the world, with a special focus on Gaza.

The date chosen for the event coincided with the fourth event in a sequence of Maya Full Moon sacred site meditations that began on 13 November 2008 and will continue on all full moons leading to December 2012. More info at this link on the Earth Heal blog.

The event followed a month of intense healing work for seriously injured individuals and those still trapped in the rubble in Gaza, as well as with the combined energy field of the besieged and traumatised region, during and just after the recent blitzkrieg by the Israeli military.

The treatment process on 9 February was facilitated by Edna Spennato in Brazil, with the assistance of five surrogates on five different continents.

As a group of beings with a unified intention to assist in healing on a collective level, as well as physical bodies in which we dwell in the material world, those who take part of our group distant healing events provide crucial support to the non-physical beings of light who direct the treatment process for the highest good for all.

Our role as a group is to anchor and ground the incoming healing energy and to release through our bodies the disharmonic energies which are cleared on behalf of all the participants and the collective energy field (the morphic field) of the planet.

Many of the participants reported experiencing intense energies and sensations during and after the treatment, as well as noticeably intense detoxification processes in the days following the event.

Some of the feedback received after the event is shown below, and can be read in full at these links:

Feedback from the facilitator and surrogates after the 9 Feb 2009 event

Feedback from participants after the 9 Feb 2009 event

The energy field of the planet as a whole is always our focus during group work, but this time the collective energy field of Gaza was a particular focus, with some work also done for Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as other aspects of life on our planet.

More info about what came up during the treatment process for participants and on the planetary healing level will be posted at the Earth Heal blog soon, and in the meantime, you are invited to join us for our upcoming distant healing events on the Equinox 20 March, the Full Moon of 9 April and the Full Moon of 9 May.

Info about the Equinox event will be posted here in the next day or two.

Extracts from some of the feedback received after the event

Feedback from the facilitator

Sunday, Feb 15

(The feedback sent in after the event) an overall picture of lots of detoxing (for the participants), followed by feelings of well being.

Participants definitely felt the effects on quite a physical level this time, and I have a sense that as a group, we were able to really release some of the trauma from the collective consciousness of Gaza as well as other areas of our beloved planet....

(There were a total of six cats!) in the room for much of the treatment process... I had a very strong sense that they were tuning in on behalf of the more than one thousand animals shot at Gaza Zoo by IDF troops over a period of three days, because the zoo massacre was one of the core focuses chosen by the collective higher self and our unseen helpers for the work done on Feb 9.

The zoo was a scene of great trauma and horror, and what happened there can be viewed as a microcosm of the macrocosm, because just like the animals trapped in their cages being shot at for sport, the actual people of Gaza were also trapped behind that terrible separation wall, with nowhere to escape to, and were also deliberately targeted by sharp shooters, even those carrying white flags.

Like some of the participants, I experienced tiredness after the event... much yawning during and after the end of the treatment, a need for more hours of sleep for a few days, and a headache which developed about two days after the event (Wednesday), not too bad, just an ache really, and it went away after two days. This was followed by a major detox... feeling a little cranky thereafter... and have been feeling generally a bit pooped ...

Edna Spennato, Praia do Frances, Brazil.

Feedback from the surrogates

Tuesday, Feb 10

In the days before the treatment, I was feeling a bit queasy. Yet it was with a surprising sense of joy and excitement that I tuned into the treatment last night. The joy came from a sense that, as a group, we are able to contribute to healing in the Middle East. The Earth Heal goup energy is becoming more and more formidable. So much light came pouring in through the collective!

Paarl, South Africa

I was very aware of grounding the area, which included Ireland. Explicit images of the area being bathed in light anchored both below and above were presented.There was a feeling of strong resolve and that collectively we are made of sterner stuff than we imagine, to stand firm and hold heads high. Physically I felt a prodding sensation in my middle back. I had the obligatory pressure headache leading up to the treatment, which dissipated as we began and I went into meditation...

London, UK

Wed, Feb 11

Have celebrated every full moon since 1971, but this one seemed unusually special. We were traveling back via auto from Arizona desert and awoke in Kanab between Lake Powell and Bryce Canyon, the land of red rocks in Utah with just a scant covering of snow. BEAUTY everywhere, inside and out. Spent day in silence driving through such splendor. My attention was on wildfires of Australia and healing Gaza. Tears of both sorrow and JOY streamed down my cheeks. Was in tune with all that abounds.

Mitakuye Oyasin - We are all related............and so it is.

Arizona desert, Utah, USA

Feedback from participants

Tues, Feb 10

... I felt like speaking my truth and saying what I need. Maybe that relates to the people of Gaza. Then I dreamed I was crawling through a wrecked subway system. Still very tired today...craving Mediterranean food...

Johannesburg, South Africa

Wed, Feb 11

...Serious detox: emotional, physical, mental. A strong realisation that life is short and that we have to work with what is here, right now, in the present.... It was nice though to dive in a little deeper than usual, a bit raw, but good - made me feel alive!

Berlin, Germany

...very tired. I fell asleep on the couch. ...Yesterday my back and neck were stiff and aching, today I am feeling fit again.

Zurndorf, Austria

...I was pretty sick that day. Couldn't do a thing and was cranky. Sore all over, didn't exercise for the first time in weeks. Not even a stroll around the block. Now I feel good.

Vancouver, Canada

Thurs, Feb 12

....I am feeling very anxious and jittery - for no real my own situation is absolutely fine....

Klein Karoo, South Africa

...that evening and for the next day I was feeling really sick - not the migraine that I often get after treatments, but really nauseous, low energy, exhausted. I left work early to go home and sleep....

Tromso, Norway

Fri, Feb 13

I spent most of Monday feeling nauseous and exhausted, and then had a manic run home to make it to the bathroom to 'release'. Tuesday, both my husband and I felt as if we had been hit by a bus and couldn't figure out why. Again, I was detoxing and was very irritable and impatient. I even canceled a client, as I just couldn't face doing the treatment.

I woke up so much better on Wednesday!

It is interesting that (my husband) felt the same and yet he wasn't involved in the session, and I hadn't actually told him about it...

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

... I was really tired that day and the next two as well, requiring naps in the afternoon.That night and those after I had very vivid and powerful dreams. Lots of detox going on on many levels....

New Jersey, USA

For 3 days after the event, I woke up with quite strong detox-type headaches, but today am fine again! As for the event, I felt really tired about half an hour or so before it started, and took myself to bed for a while...

Cardiff, Wales

Sat, Feb 14

...I had quite an amazing experience. On the day, I felt rather low in energy and restless. I went to bed early and tuned into the session. My body had all kinds of sensations, such as tingling in the feet, ankles and on my face. My upper back was sore and my arms felt really heavy. I drifted into sleep and slept well. All seemed fine until Thursday (yesterday). At about 1 pm, my body went into detox and I had diarrhea, headache and a raised temperature. I spent the afternoon on the couch ...

Today, Friday, I woke up with low energy and a headache and am not in the mood for much, so am taking it easy!...I am feeling more whole and not as fragmented as before... this focus seems to have helped...

Cape Town, South Africa

Sun, Feb 15

We both had slight detox, and thirst, and both feeling in a good mood.... Urge to order things...

Berlin, Germany

...Each event is so different and I Iearn something new each time, and I'm so happy to be a part of them. I feel like I'm getting back to my roots with each one. ... I don't mind the detox, I know I need it and others do as well. I know that there are things within me being lifted, barriers that have held me back for so long... The past couple of days I have begun to see myself more clearly, those things that have caused me pain and fear....

...I don't feel so alone as I did in the past. And I finally feel that all these things that I've experienced over the years and do now, are very very real....

New Jersey, USA

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