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Join the Maya March Full Moon Attunement for Boondooma, Australia

It's coming up for full moon! Consider joining the Grand Mayan Council in spirit for the March full moon sacred site attunement, sending our collective love and healing to Boondooma, Australia.

We are asked to simply focus our intent for healing to Boondooma during the full moonrise in our own part of the world, or any time during the period from moonrise (about 6 pm local Queensland time on 11 March) to moonset (about 5.30 am Queensland time on 12 March), which will be from about 8 am GMT to about 7.30 pm GMT on 11 March.

If you play the didgeridoo, this will also be a wonderful way to connect to the heartbeat of the Rainbow Serpent of the region. To find the time in your part of the world which corresponds to the time of the moonrise at Boondooma, please go to this link at the World Clock.

The moon will be at its fullest at 2:38 am GMT/UTC on 11 March, and the time and date differs depending on where you are in the world. Here on the NE coast of Brazil, we will experience full moon at 10.38 pm on Tuesday 10 March, while in Queensland, Australia, it will be happening at 12:38 PM on March 11. In New York, USA, it occurs at 10.38 pm on 10 March, in the UK, at 2:38 am on March 11, and in South Africa it will be happening at 4.38 am on Wednesday 11 March. To find out the exact time of the moon at its fullest in your part of the world, go to this link at the World Clock.

This Maya full moon attunement will be the fifth in a sequence of 52 visits in spirit to different sacred sites on the planet.

The project was initiated in Angkor, Cambodia on the full moon of 13 November 2008 and will continue until the full moon of December 2012, ending at Vijayanagar, India.

For more info and the full list of sacred sites and full moon dates released by Don Hunbatz Men of the Grand Maya Council, go to this link.

What is special about Boondooma?

To the original Aboriginal inhabitants who inhabited the area for more than 60 000 years, Boondooma meant "a waterhole dug in the sand from which to obtain a drink".

Boondooma is located close to the Boyne River in South East Queensland, a sizable watercourse which usually appears to be a dry bed of sand, but is actually fed by the Great Artesian Basin, a huge body of fresh water beneath the ground in Central Australia.

Detailed knowledge of waterhole locations was very important to the survival of the Aborigines in the Australian desert, and as they knew, even when the Boyne River appeared to have dried up completely, good clear water was readily available just beneath the surface of the sand.

The Rainbow Serpent of the Great Artesian Basin

The Rainbow Serpent is an important mythological being for Aboriginal people across Australia, who regard it as a serpent of immense proportions which inhabits deep, permanent waterholes like Boondooma, and is in control of life's most precious resource, water.

It is the sometimes unpredictable Rainbow Serpent who vies with the ever-reliable Sun, and replenishes the stores of water.

Dreamtime stories tell of the great Spirits during creation, who in animal and human form molded the barren and featureless earth. The Rainbow Serpent is said to have come from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains and gorges as it pushed upward.

Some additional info from Jenny Foley in Australia (with thanks!): "The Boyne River rises from the Bunya Mountains.... There is more to the story than most people know. Originally the Rainbow Serpent was birthed at the Bunya Mountains ... there were two eggs birthed and carried by the original great Serpent towards the place of hatching at Uluru in the center of Australia. One egg was lost on the way and it is thought that this egg was the Feminine. (It is believed by the Aborigine that) only the Masculine survived and was birthed ... and so we view the formation of landscapes in Australia as done by the Masculine ... hence this ancient land has a very strong masculine energy. This was told to me by an indigenous elder who knew the true and deep stories of the land."

The Intertwining of the Rainbow Serpent and the Plumed Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent is also regarded as a great energy current that travels the world from Uluru (Ayres Rock), linking the power sites and chakras of the planet before meeting itself back in Uluru. The Aborigines knew this serpent well, and their stories tell of two serpents, a female named Kuniya and her nephew, Liru, who meet at Uluru.

Though the Rainbow Serpent is regarded by the Aborignes as being a masculine energy, Robert Coon views it as the female aspect of two great energy lines, and the other, the Plumed Serpent of the Maya, as the male aspect (see map below).

Copyright © 1967 - 2008 Robert Coon. All rights reserved.

Though predominantly male or female, Coon views each of the serpents as being a combination of male and female currents that intertwine like a Caduceus or Kundalini through the landscape.

The Michael and Mary Line is the part of the Rainbow Serpent that travels though England linking many sacred sites from St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, through to Glastonbury, Avebury and many other sacred sites until it goes into the North Sea.

Boondooma's recent history, needing healing

In the 1980's, Boondooma Dam was built across the Byne River to supply the needs of the Tarong Power Station 97km to the south, literally forcing the underground water up to the surface, blocking the flow of energy and artificially creating the massive Boondooma Lake (see pic on left).

During tomorrow's full moon, let us send our love, strength and energy to the rainbow serpent of the region, despite the blockage created by the construction of the dam.

As the World Healing Project says, "....Our thoughts have great power, and when we join together, our collective intentions can bring about profound benefits to our world. Many researches have found that focused group meditation causes interactions with the energy field or grid of the earth helping to reduce crime, bring greater civic responsibility and improve the health and well-being of the community.

When the world meditates together for planetary peace and well-being the effects are greatly amplified. Many ancient cultures and modern researchers believe the sacred sites of the world are connected through subtle lines of energy which interact with our consciousness. This Full Moon Earth Healing will help to bring peace and harmony to individuals and the planet in these times of great transformation. As the Grand Mayan Council say, this practice “will be the best way to contribute to the salvation of our Mother Earth as well as the sacred human race and all the living beings.”

• Focus on the love and peace within you.
• Send it out to your community every day.
• On the full moon join thousands of people around the world in sending love and healing to the chosen sacred site.

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