Friday, May 20, 2011

Dream like a Child: Lead India - The Tree

Dream Like a Child 

There is no such thing as "impossible"!

Lead India - The Tree 

The most inspiring video you will see for a long time

Lead India, a campaign created by the Mumbai office of ad agency JWT India for the Times of India, took the grand prix prize with this video at a Cannes Lions ceremony in Cannes in 2009. The Times of India campaign took the top award from seven gold award winners in the direct marketing category. 

Times of India's Lead India campaign, dubbed a "unique talent search", aimed to find men and women with the "vision and ability to empower India with the kind of political leadership that is so conspicuous by its absence".

ToI called on "good men and women" who refuse to be "daunted by the system" to use the Lead India programme as a "springboard to public life".

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