Saturday, June 28, 2008

Solstice news...

Greetings from Edna, and I hope you had a wonderful Solstice!

Have a look above at the magnificent crop circle which was discovered in a Wiltshire field on Solstice morning, 20 June, the latest in a series of beautiful formations which began to appear in April, at the start of the crop circle season in the UK (photograph by Lucy Pringle). For amazing and up to date information on the crop circles as they manifest, go to the Crop Circle Connector.

It was an honour for me to facilitate the planetary distant healing event for 208 participants around the world on Solstice 20 June, with the assistance of five surrogates on different continents, anchoring the incoming healing energy and releasing unneeded and disharmonic energies on behalf of the collective energy field of the planet as a whole.

Since the event last Friday, many of the partipants have sent in feedback about their experiences during and after the event, which can be read at this link.

For days before the event, and especially over the Full Moon of 18 June which preceded the Solstice, I felt very energised and needed hardly any sleep, and this continued for days afterwards as well. To read some feedback from me and the five surrogates, please go to this link.

The Solstice distant healing treatment...

During the treatment process, there were some steps for all the participants, some for just the animals who were included, some for the children, some for the women participants, and some for all the men who participated.

A lot of work was also done for the collective energy field of the planet as a whole (including the clearing of some "old programming" going back hundreds of years) and there was an emphasis on the release of dissonant energies related to the effect of war crimes on the collective energy field.

I will be posting more detailed info about what came up in the event on the Earth Heal Blog in the next few days. For now, just to mention that during this event there was some emphasis on working to clear disharmonic energies for the following countries: South Africa (especially related to the recent explosion of xenophobia), Palestine, Germany and the USA.

It's always a surprise to me to see what actually comes up in a treatment, despite the planetary issues I may be personally concerned about at the time, as an individual human being. During these events, the ethic guiding us is that we cannot attempt to "play God" when facilitating planetary healing work, or make decisions as logical human beings about what aspects of the planet to focus on, which countries and so on. All planetary work is undertaken step by step, only according to the guidance received during the treatment process from the collective Higher Self (the morphic field of the planet as a whole), and the beings of light who work with us.

You are also invited to join us for the Mayan Day Out of Time distant healing event happening on 25 July. More info will be posted here soon.

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