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Feedback after the Merkaba Stargate healing event of 29 July 2013

Danmala by Kathy Klein

Feedback after the Merkaba Stargate group distant healing event - 29 July 2013

On 29 July, Earth Heal hosted the Merkaba Stargate distant healing event for 190 human and animal participants around the world. The treatment process was facilitated by Edna Spennato in Brazil, with the assistance of ten surrogates in six countries, and continued for six and a half hours in total.

The date chosen for the event, 29 July 2013, coincided with the Grand Sextile or Star Tetrahedron configuration surrounding the earth that day, the first of a Twin configuration, with the second or companion configuration occurring on 25 August 2013.

According to the astrologer Carol Ann Ciocco, "this rare expression of celestial sacred geometry is a Stargate for higher consciousness... encourage(s) manifestation of our most cherished dreams, the desires of our pure heart, a fuller expression of our Love and Abundance.

The participants

As a group of beings working together for our own personal healing as well as the healing of the whole, our intention is to be of assistance on a collective level, and provide the crucial ground support needed by the non-physical beings of light who guide the treatment process for the highest good for all.

Our role as a group is to anchor and ground the incoming healing energy and to release through our bodies the disharmonic energies which are cleared on behalf of all the participants and the collective energy field, or morphic field, of the planet.

Many of the participants reported experiencing intense energies and sensations during and after the treatment, as well as noticeably intense detoxification processes in the days following the event.

Some of the feedback received after the event is shown below.

You are invited: to join us for the Twin Stargate group distant healing event on 25 August 2013.

25 August is another Merkaba Stargate configuration - It's a Twin Star

Painting by Jamie Lee - Star Tetrahedron 2012
Carol Ann Ciocco: Not only did we have a Star Tetrahedron configuration (Merkaba) on July 29, 2013 but we have a second Star Tetrahedron (known as a Twin) on August 25, 2013. This Twin Star is a kind of 'follow-up'; it closes the Merkaba Stargate that began on July 29, and releases the intent set on that day. 
This is the first time we have seen a Twin Star since 1996. The companion Star to the July 29, 2013 Star occurs on August 25, 2013 when the Moon is again in Taurus as it was on July 29.

The best way to utilize the Merkaba energies is to create GROUP CEREMONY during the Stargate, while at the same time activating a Sacred Heart Contract that involves your desire to work for Earth and Humanity in some wondrous way that will bring you and all deep joy and will potentially help all of us to move forward in consciousness.
Extracts from some of the feedback received after the event 

 Danmala by Kathy Klein

Feedback from the surrogates

The 10 surrogates are participants who remain consciously tuned in for the full duration of the treatment process, and focus particularly on the planetary side of the healing process, assisting the facilitator by consciously allowing collective energy that is not longer needed to be released through their own bodies, and anchoring and grounding the incoming healing energies in their part of the world, for the highest good of all.

During the 29 July event, we had one surrogate in Brazil, two in South Africa, two currently traveling through S.America, one in the UK, three in the USA, and one in Austria.   

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Unbelievable Edna, what a marathon ... must be the longest group session to date?!

The past couple of days I have been fluctuating between sleepiness and wakefulness, lows and highs. Slept well last night...

When the session started, the energy felt quite 'light-hearted' -- like we were being invited to come to the ball, 'dressed up' in our light bodies. Good humour abounded. But a big prod to live in conscious awareness, constantly...

A., Paarl, South Africa

Birds were darting around happily - feeding - and then went quiet - at the start of your treatment.

I had the usual oppressive thunder pressure headache - which eventually abated.

I ...was just conscious of holding the energy and grounding myself from time to time during the treatment - as I felt a bit floaty sometimes - went to bed and had a thoroughly good sleep...

K., London, UK

I had a rough time over the weekend and it was worse yesterday. I was incredibly tired and grumpy, and unable to concentrate. This eased and passed by 6-7pm PST (roughly 10, 11 pm GMT/UT) after which I was very awake and struggled to sleep until post midnight... I feel good today.

G., Seattle, USA

...I felt quite relaxed and mellow through the session, but once I got to bed!! Felt like I was having a series of very vivid dreams throughout the night. Also felt like my neck and shoulders were in a permanent spasm throughout the night. When I woke up it was fine!!

T., Magaliesberg, South Africa

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

And I still can't sleep properly for some reason?? Feeling very restless since session.

T., Magaliesberg, South Africa

What an amazing time! ...The first three hours I was extra alert from other times, but then for the rest of day I kept dozing off. Totally INERT!  This is not ME in my normal state. And each time I would awaken I would be singing: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Perhaps someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one."  Normally when I hear John Lennon sing that I weep, but not this day. I then slept until 7 Tuesday morn (30 July) and was exhausted all of yesterday.

I had intended to e-mail you yesterday but I accomplished virtually nothing. This morn I'm back on schedule, awakening at 4 am.

Thanks for the tremendous work and opportunity you give each of us who participate.

Yesterday a boy who lives near me, well, not really a boy, but a 39 year old man Downs Syndrome who is an ANGEL here amidst us, stopped by.  He does not do this often, but he had a message from Spirit for me.  I was not surprised...........

We were sitting in chairs on my deck facing the sliding glass patio door which was open.
In mid-sentence M. asked, "S., did you see some one go thru that door?
I said, "Yes, the shadow of someone." He said," Uhuh, your son." (S.'s late son)
I said, " His Spirit is around often."
He answered, 'I know.  He comes to me sometimes, too."
And E. did have a message for me... that all is Well
His message was not just that all was well with him, but All Is Well  with our current universal actions.
Awakening is happening on many, many levels.  Such a positive download was received.

S., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

I had my grapefruit this morning as usual - and all I can stomach is water - simply just have no appetite for food.

Long may it last! But it seems my system can't process any food at the moment.

That's not a normal occurrence for me, Although lately have been having much more raw foods - just something I have noticed - not wholly intentional.

K., London, UK

Sunday, 4 August 2013

[From Edna: I had just told Karen in an e-mail about the magnificent rainbow I saw yesterday 3 August 2013, and she wrote back:]

Weird that you should mention Rainbows - In South Africa they seem to come after the rain - here they are beautiful and I stopped at the top of the stairs only yesterday to go WOW - that is the most perfect rainbow i have ever seen...and its arc was complete so much so I dipped my head round the window to see where it ended ....wonder if it was the same one?!  We have a lot of thunderstorms in the evenings.

K., London, UK

Monday, 5 August 2013

I didn't see a rainbow this week-end, but a week ago today (i.e. Monday, 29 July, the day of our event), I saw the most perfect bright wide rainbow across the Wasatch front mountains from our front yard, and it stayed and stayed.  I knocked on all our neighbors doors to come outside.

No kidding, it lasted well over 20 minutes and never in my life have I seen that. Even the double one was not fading forever.

S., Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

 Danmala by Kathy Klein

Feedback from participants

The participants are those who choose to be part of the treatment process, to assist their own healing on a personal level, and to be part of healing work for the collective energy field. Participants are asked to tune in with the group at the start of the treatment process, putting their own personal focuses 'out there' and connecting with their higher selves and the higher selves of the rest of the participants and the collective energy field of the planet as a whole.

Once the treatment process is underway, participants are not expected to remain consciously 'tuned in' for the full duration of the treatment process, and are able to go about their day gently while the healing process is underway, 'holding the energy' for the themselves as individuals, for the group and for the planetary side of the healing process, and tuning in fully when they are able to do so.

During the 29 July event, we had 190 participants altogether from all around the world.

Monday, 29 July 2013 (before the event began)
Dear Edna, Guess what, remember when I sent you my intention for today's healing? How I was hoping to have an end to the acrimony in my marriage? An hour after I sent it to you, my soon-to-be-ex-husband (who hasn't spoken to me for weeks) emailed me last night with a long email about moving forward into peaceful co-parenting, and opening to discussion about new living arrangements.
Please advise our fellow participants to MAKE THEIR STARGATE WISHES NOW!!!

Johannesburg, South Africa

Monday, 29 July 2013 (after the event began)

M. (participant's dog, who was also included in the treatment) and I were unusually relaxed and mellow today, just enjoying each others company.

I will build on this in the days to come in appreciation of my healing and in anticipation of a heart filled life of LOVE.

Oscala, Florida, USA

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

[From a participant in South Africa whose pets had treatments with Edna over the years. She e-mailed on Sunday to say that her 17-year old cat, K., had stopped eating and and appeared to be on her last legs:]

Before the treatment  - Sunday 28 July 2013: "The vet told us on Saturday morning that she has a growth in her stomach as big as a tennis ball. In the past when you did treatments, you were always talking about her spleen. There is probably a connection.  I don't know.  I suppose I have to wait for her to tell me when she is ready to go.  Not eating, just lying there. I am crying myself stupid. Take care."

[So I suggested that we include her and her owners as participants in the healing process yesterday, and we did. I am inserting a picture of K. so that we can all continue to send her our love and healing energy over the next few days. This is the feedback that came in today...]

From all the crying, I just slept and slept. Today is Tuesday (30 July 2013).  Here it was a perfect day.  K. is up and about. eating little bits, drinking water and using the litter tray. I see that her eyes looking peaceful, happy. I am feeling a lot better as well. B. couldn't believe his eyes when he saw that she was eating, up and about.  I don't know how long time we have and what is happening here, but it is just very kind, wonderful!  What exactly is happening in her body, God only knows. Hopefully we will have a little bit of time...  So, yes, she sleeps in my armpit and I keep a very loving eye on her, telling her all the time how special she is.  Truly an unbelievable creature, a very special gift...

Thank you so much. Lots of love.

Somerset West, South Africa

... I awoke with the feeling of power... a real sense of mission, confidence and unity. I have this morning been able to communicate openly with a friend asking for help and share my love and intent without obscurity...

From the beginning I had a very strong sensation of power and connecting to the earth - massive kundalini energy...

Universal breath, I am an Angel, truth of pure healing, no longer (in a) theoretical period, but (in a) practical period of talking to people and direct healing which will by its massive positive effect take me around the world, healing.

Yoga, wind, connection to earth

Merkaba meditation. I was the earth in body and breathed positive light and energy out and in, radiating negative energy with love and light. Very powerful. I achieved an almighty powerful energy that I am Goddess, radiating beautiful powerful love and receiving this love in return. This was a feeling of steadfast and just being.

Still in a daze. Certainty - I am a Taurus, so this is amazing, I love this earthy and raw sensation, the bluntness of the experience is confirming that I should remain pure and not obscured...

I needed to rest and instinctively came to at the end of the meditation period. I feel sure and solid. Wow, immediately fell into a peaceful and deep sleep. feet are now touching the ground hhhh! That was really 'spacey' : )

Croner, Norwich, UK

Yesterday morning I woke with an oddly placed intense pain in my left shoulder and a stiff neck, knowing it was very old fire energy brought to the surface by the higher vibrations related to the Stargate activation. A gifted massage therapist I do trades with did an intense deep release of infant terror trapped all the way down my spine to my hip. I slept restlessly last night but felt energized in the morning...

Mid-morning an interesting synchronicity....

I am feeling a great sense of peace and gratitude regarding what has shown up spontaneously during the day, all enhancing and integating to what I have been holding in intention...

Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

On Sunday (July 28th), I experienced a huge moment of closure with a soul-friend of mine who's role was to catalyze some major transformations in my life. The encounter, which I had been worrying about and preparing for for months, went fairly simply and cleanly. The best possible outcome happened. Yes! I have a hunch that there was a reason why this planned encounter was pushed back for weeks and weeks until this time when celestial energies were so supportive. Again, so grateful. It's hard to say in what ways being a part of this healing event facilitated a smooth landing for this relationship. At the very least, taking the time to write my intentions, which I did the morning before I had this conversation, was a helpful clarification and "zing" out to the universe. :) I'm sure the celestial alignment helped a lot too. :) All interconnected, it is.

I was very busy yesterday but was able to take a minute (literally) to sit down and check in at the beginning of the event. I did, and even in the midst of my chaotic energy from busyness, I immediately felt the healing energy buzzing through my system. An hour or so later, I commented nonchalantly to a friend that I was in a healing ceremony at the moment. She said, "Yeah. I can see it on you!"

I felt a lot of emotional release--definitely a product of this intense period of life coming to a close and finally releasing pent up stress and trauma--but I also sense that it happened more smoothly because of the event. I feel remarkably "clean" for the short amount of time it's been, and for how little conscious attention I have given it. I know the healing event has helped immensely.

Other interesting moments include biking along and noting a distinct sensation of the presence of my deceased aunt, who I never met in person. I felt light, joyful, and just happy to connect with her. I have not felt this sensation/connection with her before. I've cried out to her before, and mourned for her, but this sensation of light, joyful presence was new. Yahoo! Honestly, it was totally and completely unexpected (not a conscious part of my intentions). Looking back, I realize how my sense of loss of her has been tied into my fears of losing the friend I mentioned in the paragraphs above. It feels like this was an extra special confirmation of her presence and our connection. Like something was resolved within me not only regarding my soul-friend but also my aunt. Awesome!

Finally, I experienced the extra-sensitive sensory perception again. This time I know with more certainty that it was because of the healing event (as opposed to last time where there were myriad extraneous factors). My perception of energy was finely attuned and came with little attention. The only things I did that could have helped prime the pump for this was take a nap. I do that frequently and it does not produce similar results. I wasn't even trying hard to perceive energy. I'm grateful for this experience. Now I know for certain just how much selenite clears a field and how much my cell phone wracks up my nervous system.

Well, that's just about it for me. I'm so grateful for this work (/play)!

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

 Danmala by Kathy Klein

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I fell into a sound sleep for a one-hour nap in the afternoon, and definitely felt that things were being adjusted inside. I particularly noticed my jaw, and I even put on the mouth guard I use when my TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) gets sore.

I also got my usual "migraine" from the treatment, but I've learned to breathe through it. I just started putting together that my infrequent "migraines" are actually tied to our treatments.  But that's OK, I can stand them now...

Johannesburg, South Africa

We are blessed with yet another day!!! Oh God, I am so grateful... I just went to the Vet and she was very surprised... In the meantime, K. eats little by little, drinks water, very little, and gets up to use the litter box herself! I'm there all the time. She also pulled out her old tricks by scratching the bed, which she hasn't done in months and then jumps onto the bed herself, obviously with a little bench in between...

...I am grateful for all your help. It is such an eyeopener. K. has taught me so much in life.... Many thanks for your prayers.... God bless you.

Somerset West, South Africa

I too had very strong sensations. I could drift into a beautiful place of color as soon as I closed my eyes. I was tired and needed to lay down a lot, but not for sleeping, as much as for this downloading feeling. All my cells were seized with energy and it felt great. It lasted well into...well even today a bit. I had buzzing in my left ear and some funny feelings in my head, pressure like, crown chakra constantly pressed. It was quite something!

Maplewood, New Jersey, USA

I haven't had a TIA or a migraine since the healing. My husband and brother seem to be fine.

Zanesville, Ohio, USA

Shoooo I was exhausted! Was literally sleeping on my feet. Had a good rest last night and we're all in a better mood it seems. Definitely felt the healing.

Queens, New York, USA

I had a vision Monday evening that I would say looked like the Cosmos...

Gulfport, Florida, USA

...As I was washing up and in a basic state of consciousness when I had the experience of the kundalini energy as previously described (after our June Solstice event) and a sense of intense cosmic connection, I looked at the clock and it was 1 minute to the meditation start time. Then later after meditating when I fell into a deep sleep I awoke and it was 1 minute past the finish time! : )

I'm feeling far more grounded and I'm busy with activities. However when I enter mediation it is immediately very profound...

Croner, Norwich, UK

It's a pleasure to be a part of these events...more than words can say.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

I experienced a big surge of energy coming thru my head to the point that I felt my head moving backwards at one point. After that, I experienced peace and the need to cry.

A. feels more peaceful too...

Miami, Florida, USA

From the 29th: we were in the train from Munich to Berlin and I got soooo sleepy, and yesterday and today I had some detox via the intestine. S. (participant's daughter, who was also part of the healing process) is very tired and is sleeping a lot.

Yesterday we were at Mother Meera's Darshan in Berlin and it was a very strong energy, I had a deep insight and a good meditation and met old friends, and I could make my peace with a lot of things I usually are upset or criticise.

Berlin, Germany

It was truly a magical day and the energies continue to rise! I spent the day with my other half, just being, and we connected even deeper into our Love, which is truly Beautiful! That evening I felt such a strong sense of peace and Love, and my Being was buzzing with LIGHT & LOVE! The next morning I felt a huge leap in my spiritual evolution and ever-expanding consciousness! I can feel Gaia and ALL souls awakening faster and faster. The synchronicities in my life are occurring more and more, leading me closer than ever to my purpose in this life and my role in helping as many people as I can. I know I must heal myself and re-member my Self before I can heal others, and this powerful healing experience has already taught me so much! I want to thank all of you for offering this Beautiful energy transmission! May LOVE radiate to your Hearts from both me and my Twin Soul: ) LOVE & GRATITUDE,

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

I feel pretty good, but what I noticed is that a few doors opened after being naturally closed for over a year. Relationship related. Very strong changes. Probably my energy field changed and it allowed this evolution to happen. The rest is really good.

Miami, Florida, USA

Danmala by Kathy Klein

Thursday, 1 August 2013

It's amazing as this is such time of change for us as we have taken such a leap of faith and followed our instincts on leaving our jobs and moving country. I have felt very calm and sure in this process following my instincts, having déjà vus and finding hearts everywhere, happening upon about ten Perfectly heart shaped stones nearly daily.

It all came good today as an organisation has created a job for me to teach art and spiritually guide adolescents with difficulties! And they will support my further training-  just amazing, such a beautiful step on the journey. So thank you so much as I feel these meditation events have given me such strength.

Croner, Norwich, UK

I felt wonderful after the energy session. Very light and buoyant!...I do feel a closer connection to my Higher Self....Thank you for the wonderful energy ...

Sacramento, USA

I was alert throughout most of the event. However at bedtime I was exhausted.  Both Monday (29 July) and Tuesday (30 July) evening I went to bed early. Tuesday and Wednesday (31 July), in the late afternoon, I was exhausted and required an hour's nap. I noticed during the night and in the morning my nervous system was detoxing layers of internalized stress. I took lengthy showers to release the itching of skin on my back, CNS and around the throat area. Tension was further relieved by toning the chakras from bottom to top. Spontaneous unfamiliar music began to sing through me. A sense of radiance underneath the NS stuff.

My throat continues to be warm and tense, like a sort throat, but the area of irritation is shrinking, reminds me of the strep throats I had as a child, the only thing that ever kept me out of school.  A pleasant sense of sensuous warmth comes and goes, and my senses are sharpened and heightened when I focus on new things that are showing up to support my new evolvement of my budding business. Feels so odd to feel both at the same time: discomforts of the NS and the pleasurable supports showing up and to have the focus to choose the unfamiliar things that will serve me now with my new sense of direction.  :o) Remarkable Edna, your ability to stay so present during this extended process. Thank you.  :o)

Los Lunas. New Mexico, USA

Well I did have a treacherous few days moving out of my apartment but some circumstances went surprisingly well -
  • My mother was assisting me and we got along much more smoothly than expected.
  • Various powerful serendipities have been occurring each day since Saturday, but especially Monday, Tuesday and yesterday (29, 30 and 31 July). Serendipities/coincidences have been occurring for me powerfully for the last 7 years. They come to me as an affirmation that I am on the right path, persay.
Minnesota, USA

Friday, 2 August 2013

I seem to be hitting a daze still, but later in the day!

...Monday is when the fun started ...from later in the day till now. I guess I am drinking more coffee than normal to try and 'wake up' a bit, but yesterday I had a headache by afternoon (these are unusual for me) and this morning woke up with a blinding one! I think it is quite a detox going on, but I am fine and will hopefully get a lie-in tomorrow morning...

...The other thing is I keep bloody losing things! Last night was a classic. I was the last to leave the workshop - could not find the keys in either my handbag or car - the only two places I seem to have trained myself to leave them. So had to leave the workshop open and drive back to the keys! Eventually found that I had stuffed them into my laptop bag! What a giggle....

Maun, Botswana

Danmala by Kathy Klein

Friday, 2 August 2013

This is a request for prayers on behalf of my amazing and hugely affectionate little cat, K, who is 7 years old.  After the healing event his sanity returned and he is no longer messing indiscriminately, for which we are both wildly grateful...

I have been feeling good. I have been experiencing feelings of bliss :) and some amazing synchronicities. I also decided to go back to my temple of light after eight years of not being there. I just have this intense unexplainable feeling that some big wonderful surprise is coming...

Aliso Viejo, California, USA

Monday, 5 August 2013

Yes I saw a rainbow on Saturday (3 August, same day that Edna and K. saw theirs!) in the clouds over the Detroit river...

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

...well we didn't see a rainbow this time, but we did see.... a UFO!!

My family and I were returning from a friends house on Saturday evening (again, 3 August - same day that 3 of us saw rainbows) when I spotted a strange star in the sky which held my gaze. After a few seconds it began to move in a quick floating manner, sideways, then up, then quickly side ways. It was within our sight for about a minute then it glowed brighter and disappeared.

The family and I felt very calm and appreciative of this sight. It felt comforting...

Croner, Norwich, UK

...I meditated and focused on the healing for three and a half hours, and felt that this really deepened my experience of it. I much prefer giving my full attention to the process like this, allowing it to really penetrate.

I did experience old memories and emotions rising to the surface, and did some grieving, which felt healing, and is what I had put as one of my focuses for the event. This emotional healing has continued in the following week. I have started using The Healing Codes to support this emotional clearing process since the healing, and am finding that this is effective. I felt the loving presence of angels and guides around me throughout the session, and felt that they were singing with me and through me as I sang out my feelings.

I am feeling very open since the healing. I have been drinking a lot and sleeping well, and that feels good

Thank you for all the feedback and follow-up you have been sending out, it's nice to connect in with other people's experience...

Lancaster, UK

Dear Friends

Myself and K. (our 17 year old cat participant) are thanking everyone who was praying for her recovery.  At this stage she is her old self again. Full of beans. We don't know what happened, but trust that she has been given more time here with us....  She is eating, drinking, using the litter box, jumping on and of the bed, walking down the passage... Even the discharge in her eye is gone. The hair on her body is not so greasy anymore. She is thin at the moment, but she has an amazing appetite. For some strange reason I haven't heard from the doctors again but I know I will have to make an effort to check where we are standing with her. Tomorrow is my birthday and I couldn't have asked for a bigger birthday present!...

Somerset West, South Africa

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Last night, my boyfriend and I had a significant experience. Our ears started ringing at the same time, and they stopped ringing at about the same time. This has never happened before! There was a major energetic download last night... We are in the midst of the " Lions Gate" On August 8, the greatest influx of light and information occurs. I perceived the ringing to be a signal either from the angels or Higher Self. May have even been of a Galactic nature. I received tremendous energy during the night, and couldn't sleep until well into the early morning hours.

Sacramento, CA, USA

Friday, 9 August 2013

[Extract from My San Francisco VAcation - Feedback from one of the Earth Heal members who participated in the 29 July event and underwent surgery on Friday, 2 August 2013]

"...I had not shown up unprepared for this surgery; since it was going to occur almost synchronous with the Merkaba Stargate Portal; I asked my friend and soul sister Edna Spennato of Earth-Heal if she would hold the energy for me while I was under.  She wrote back that she would be there with me from the first moment until I regained consciousness after anesthesia.  Edna doesn't mess around, this unassuming elegant lightworker still in a meat suit always brings the big guns with her, and that gave me huge confidence.  I have worked with her and the group before, they are the real deal in remote energy work.

- The Message - 

Everyone around me, including my friend Scott had noticed and commented on the fact that my entire attitude about the looming date with destiny was very positive and upbeat.  I always thanked the observer for their keen eye, but until now I have only shared my Merkaba Stargate Portal experience with Edna, Scott and a couple other close friends like my other brother from another mother, Ivan.  It was about half an hour or so into the event.  I had on some very nice atmospheric music by Jonathan Goldman called Cosmic Hum.  Without any precursor warning shot over the bow or anything...I was swept up in a pleasant whooshing sensation - not unlike being in an express elevator.  While still lucid with my apartment and surroundings I was also aware of the beautiful mother earth below me, in space.  I saw it all, the utter stupefying beauty of her, all her billions of incarnate souls all going about their business.  Living. Laughing, Loving, playing, teaching, sharing.    As I just took all this in I remembered not to collapse it by falling for the 'Oh Wow' factor...sometimes you just gotta defer astonishment.  As I was deferring away, a voice in my head manifested the single word message ~ "Choose."  It was not the familiar voice of spirit I am so accustomed to hearing, nor was it the voice of my muse...or anyone else I'm used to encountering.  It was just a smooth elegant genderless voice, feeding me back my own tag line.  Frequent readers of my blog will recognize this signature tag line of mine "Pick One!"  With less than a week before my surgery, there could be but a single interpretation of this message.  This was it, no more riding the fence as a spectator.  I remember actually weighing out the various pros & cons for a scant few seconds before answering aloud, "I choose to remain. ~ to stay here on earth and honor my contract." 

This then is why I had such a Teflon positive attitude.  I knew I had a powerful guardian angel in Edna, and I knew I had been asked to vote, and I did.  In the making of this choice I became subliminally aware of something else - any outcome of this surgery was acceptable to me. You have no idea how powerful and liberating that is.   Edna wrote me later saying that the candle she lit for the energy holding stayed burning the entire time, the flame never even flickering.

The last thing I remember before the lights went out was looking at the clock, it said 7:20 or so for a 6:00 am scheduled procedure!  The first thing I saw upon my return to consciousness in the recovery room, was the wall clock which said 2: 30 pm.  What happened in between is subject to some conjecture, and fuzzy math; because when I asked my nurse how long I was "Out" for, she said, 3 maybe 4 hours!  Now I know there are some who may question my higher functioning systems, but it does not take a Mensa member to determine I was out of it and under some heavy sedation for a period exceeding seven hours!  Edna says she felt there had been some sort of delay between putting me under and commencing the operation.  Most likely they were waiting for my blood pressure to go back down...cause I can tell ya I was pissed off at being treated like one of Andrew Luster's dates.  I have not yet communicated to the hospital staff that I will be officially & legally requesting a copy of the video they shoot during every procedure...." Read more

Near to San Francisco, California, USA  

14 August 2013

Have been having very vivid dreams full of new symbols for me.

Lyme disease detox reactions (some symptoms much worse).

Clarity in boundaries and assertiveness.

Abundance in spiritual, social, financial realms.

Minnesota, USA

15 August 2013

I'm really enjoying the feedback, thanks, and looking forward to the next event..

I'm in shock, as everything that I asked to manifest, has manifested NOW AT THE SAME TIME!!!! I don't know whether my physical form can keep up hhhhhh!

Croner, Norwich, UK

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