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Please join us for the group distant healing event on Equinox, March 21!

Equinox and Mayan New Year
Group distant healing event
21 March 2008
Autumn Equinox in the S. hemisphere
Spring Equinox in the N. hemisphere

You are invited...

To participate in our next group distant healing event on Equinox, 21 March 2008, which is also Mayan new Year, Good Friday, and one day before the Full Moon in Libra.

The treatment will facilitated by Edna Spennato, located in Praia do Frances on the NE coast of Brazil, with Gonzalo Leal surrogating on behalf of all the participants around the world. There will also be four more surrogates anchoring the healing energy and releasing unneeded energies on behalf of the collective consciousness in other parts of the world:

  • Amanda Siegruhn in Paarl, South Africa
  • Este Davidyan in Abu Dhabi, Middle East
  • Karen Hazard in Henley on Thames, Britain, UK
  • Sheila in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

More than 200 participants around the globe will be combining their healing energy for the highest good of all during this event, which will begin at 9 am local Brazilian time
(noon GMT), or 2 pm in Southern Africa, and will continue for approximately 3 - 4 hours.

To view the exact starting time of the event in your part of the world, consult this link at the World Clock.

Participation is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, on a donation basis, or participants may choose to take advantage of annual membership to Earth Heal. For more info, go to this link.

For more info about this event and the experience of participating, please go to this link.

For info on how to register as a participant in this event, please go to this link.

Feedback received from participants and surrogates after the December 22 Solstice event can be seen at this link.

The Participant's registration form can be downloaded here.

The Guest's participation registration form can be downloaded here.

General Info

During the treatment process, each participant will be worked on individually and as part of the group, and will assist the planetary healing by anchoring the healing energy in their part of the world, and releasing disharmonic energies no longer needed, on an individual and collective level. For those who have never before experienced vibrational healing work, this is the ideal opportunity. We use a cutting-edge approach known as Synchronization Harmonics, and participation is open on a donation basis to anyone, anywhere in the world. Or you may choose to take advantage of Earth Heal annual membership at a nominal fee, to be included as a participant in group remote events to be held on the Solstices and Equinoxes, as well as other significant dates, over the next year, and receive a discount on private treatments arranged with Edna Spennato during the year. Feedback from participants and detailed reports about what came up during the treatment for the group as a whole, and for the collective consciousness on a planetary level, are sent out to all participants after each remote group healing event. New participants will need to get their details and pics to us via e-mail before the event, so if you are interested in taking part, please check the links ASAP for info on how to be included. Earth Heal members do not need to e-mail us, as all the info will be sent to you within the next few days.

This is an opportunity to harmonise with the solar cycle, and to utilise the powerful incoming energies available for personal and planetary healing on this special day.


Ancient traditions understand that the Equinox is a powerful time to initiate changes in our material world and shift into a new reality.

On Equinox, the Earth and Sun are in perfect balance and harmony, as the sun is centred between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, and centred between Heaven and Earth. This creates a sacred cross of balancing energy that naturally harmonizes the planet and humanity.

For thousands of years, light workers, peacekeepers, shamans, healers, spiritual warriors, angels and saints from around the globe have joined together to work with this powerful energy on the days of Equinox.

The Spring Equinox symbolises the time to sow the seeds for the future we are manifesting, while the Autumn Equinox represents the time to harvest what we have sowed and nurtured over the past season.

Equinox occurs only twice in the year, when the Sun is directly over the Equator, and the days and nights are of equal length all over the world, representing a time of balance between the light and the dark.

A vast number of ancient cultures built their greatest architectures -- tombs, temples, cairns and sacred observatories -- so that they aligned with the Solstices and Equinoxes, which were recognised as particularly powerful days of the year by ancient civilizations, including the early Egyptians, who built the Great Sphinx so that it faces directly towards the rising sun on the day of Equinox.

March 21st is Mayan New Year!

We enter into new energies of 6 EB & 10 KAT. Are you ready?

This is the year where the South reigns as the Supreme Ruler! What does this mean to you and me? It means we can manifest our visions of a new future right now!

In the Yucatec Mayan Calendar, we enter into a 6 EB year. It is a year in which we return to reclaim our destiny's purpose and to finish what was not completed in previous lives. It is a year in which our creation can flow easily.

Eb resides in the Heart Chakra and has powerful emotion, but we find ourselves getting hurt easily if we take things personally. Eb also will influence us with powerful psychic abilities and a great drive to get the job done. We will find unity and oneness while feeling more relaxed, courteous, and a desire to be useful.

In the Kiche Maya Calendar (the Calendar of the highland Maya), we enter into a 10 KAT year. This will be a great year in which we will fish out things that are hidden. The trick in this year is not to collect anything that is not useful for the future. Otherwise you will be bogged down with unfinished projects and have a house filled with un-read books and un-used stuff. Kat bundles thoughts, ideas, and wisdom together to create better solutions.

This can be a powerful creative year in which you will collect the tools needed to manifest in this dimension your mission and destiny.

Mayan Grand Elder Wakatel Utiw, "Wandering Wolf," or Don Alejandro, head of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala and Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar, gave a speech to the Guatemalan people on January 14, 2008 at the Inauguration Of President Eng. Alvaro Colom Caballeros, which can be read in full here.

Don Alejandro is charged as the primary keeper of the teachings, visions and prophecies of the Mayan people, which are very much alive today. He travels the world sharing the message and prophecies of the Mayans. One prophecy says: "Arise, all arise, not one nor two groups be left behind."

Another says: "Let the morning come, let the dawn come for the people to have peace and be happy. Together we are to see our children. Together we are to see our mountains. Together we are to see our cities. Together we are to see our waters."

His message of hope and empowerment resonates with people of all faiths and beliefs around the globe:

"We the Indigenous People join together in defence of the life of the human species, in defence of the life of our brother animals and the trees and in defence of the life of Mother Earth, because the life of the Planet Earth is in danger.

We all know that what is happening in the world now is not a coincidence. As examples: The hurricanes and the heavy storms that are menacing different places in the world; the high temperatures that day by day rise to higher degree, while in other parts of the world the cold becomes more intense; rivers are drying out and others are disappearing; the glaciers are melting; many places in the world are suffering the effects of natural disasters; and all of these are the result of our imbalance with Nature.

One other thing, our country, our communities are living under fear due to the violence, the drugs, and confrontations with those who are in search for power and wealth...

The Mayan Prophecy says: "Let my big Melody play, let my small Melody play, let my dancers loose, let my prisoners be free; these are my valleys, these are my mountains." These are the words of Rabinal Achi.

Why do I say "my valleys and mountains are prisoners"? Because they are being used as centres for nuclear testing, because they are being perforated without compassion, drawing the blood of Mother Earth, extracting her oil and minerals that only increase the contamination and bring about destruction.

The mountains are prisoners of men because with the chainsaw of the big monopolies are murdering its trees, and with it go the animals that inhabit them.... It is necessary that the behavior of human beings all over the world has to change; the life of the planet Earth is responsibility of all and that is why the invitation from the Indigenous people is for everyone, to help save human life, save the planet thus inheriting a healthy future to the new generations......"

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