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Feedback after the Equinox distant healing event on 20 March 2014

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Feedback from participants after the event

On 20 March, Earth Heal hosted the Equinox group distant healing event for people and animals around the world, and for the morphic field of the planet and the collective consciousness. There was a total of 231 participants around the world.

The treatment process was facilitated by Edna Spennato in Brazil. The energy was anchored with the help of nine surrogates in seven countries, and continued for three and a half hours in total.

The participants

As a group of beings working together for our own personal healing as well as the healing of the whole, our intention for this event was to provide support for the participants and to provide the crucial ground support needed by the non-physical beings of light who guide the treatment process for the highest good for all.

Our role as a group is to anchor and ground the incoming healing energy and to release through our bodies the disharmonic energies which are cleared on behalf of all the participants and the collective energy field, or morphic field, of the planet.

Many of the participants reported that they experienced powerful energies and sensations during and after the treatment, as well as noticeably intense detoxification processes in the days following the event.

Excerpts from the feedback received after the event is shown below.

You are invited to join us for the Solstice group healing event on 21 June 2014. For info about how to participate in the 21 June event, please go to this link. Other links related to the 21 June event can be viewed at this link. For info about annual participant membership to earth Heal, please go to this link. More info about the upcoming Solstice event will be posted here soon.

Feedback from three of the participants:

Friday, 21 March 2014

I tuned in a minute or two late. My dogs were all around my feet and my one dog, who had started epileptic fits a month ago (he is now on tablets) would not leave me in peace and was begging for attention! I think he may have been "brought in" as he was in my consciousness as well as 3 other friends who have been through hard times recently with illness and one had lost her partner on Tuesday to a sudden heart attack.

In the first half an hour, I felt a tightening in my chest and felt a mild rush to the head, resulting in some dizziness. 45 minutes later, I had a sharp jolt in the lower part of my abdomen - I thought immediately of where my hernia operation had been (and remembered how when I came round from the operation, the anesthetist had forgotten to give me any pain meds and I woke up to searing pain and bellowed like mad - resulting in a nurse having to turn me over and give me a jab in my buttocks!) A few breaths and both passed. I then spent the next hour reading and all the animals around me were quiet. By 9pm, 2 hours into the event, I became very tired and nodded off so went to bed where I slept deeply for 9 hours.

Today, I have a mild dose of tummy pains and diarrhea - which came suddenly an hour ago. I do feel lethargic at the moment and I am drinking copious amounts of water.

Maun, Botswana

The link-up time was exactly midnight here. I’m a late-night person, so that was fine...

I was sending distant healing but the destination was vague since I did not know the names of locations of the people and animals involved. Partly as a consequence of that, I kept losing periods of time and I think I dozed off on one occasion.

I’d had a recurrence of a couple of an old health issues during the day and the pain of that intensified before and during the healing, although it only manifested intermittently.

Just a few minutes after midnight, I felt a clear white radiance surround me. It was very pure and it came in from above and moved down and around me.

After some time, I gave up trying to send and allowed myself to receive instead.

I lay down and I thought I would fall asleep, but ‘No’, I was constantly tossing and turning and going through a life review of relationships - I saw how the dominant one had been part of the cause of the health condition I mentioned earlier and that there was still a lot of anger and pain held in me connected with that.

The room was vibrating and I felt as though I was in a kind of frequency sieve that was being shaken so that unwanted blockages were being loosened and rising to the top. I managed to remain neutral about all this, most of the time, but it was definitely disquieting. Later the vibration became more like light dappling moving water.

At certain points, 3D coordinates disengaged and I was on, what felt like ’twists of cosmic DNA’. Really ancient stuff was coming up and out.

Sometimes, there were strange smells and once I felt a gentle touch, slightly to the left of the centre of my forehead. That would make sense regarding the eyesight challenges that I have. I can see significantly more clearly today! A big thank you to everyone involved.

At about 3.30 am, I got up to see if there was some external reason for the shaking. Through the window, I couldn’t see anything unusual. Then I heard sirens sounding, not far away. They continued for a long time. Vehicles were moving in the street but that is not unusual at night here.

I did sleep after that.

Bangkok, Thailand

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Well where to start! On the morning of the event I woke up to find a jasper heart from my crystal collection, lying by my left side on the bed (photo of it below), which was interesting. I've been having a lot of stuff about balancing masculine and feminine energies for a while now, so it may be something to do with that.

During the day my wife got in touch, totally out of the blue... which does fit with this mass cosmic clear-out I seem to be having at the moment.

During the event the energy was immense, probably the most intense of any of the events I have attended so far. Interestingly I haven't had any detox symptoms so far. I woke up in the early hours of Friday morning to find the jasper heart was back, this time on my right side (I'd rolled over onto it and the cold had woken me up). I put it on my bedside table and went back to sleep. When I got up yesterday morning it was back again!

Last night... I slept solidly for eight hours, and when I woke this morning, the jasper was back, again!!

Other than that, I've been having a very unusual number of 'deja-vu' experiences over the last three or four days, and I also have a song stuck in my head. It started on Wednesday night as I was falling asleep, and has been with me on and off ever since...​​. ​It's a link to someone from my distant past, someone I've not had any contact with for 18 years, not sure what it means yet.

Cornwall, UK

More feedback...

Feedback from the facilitators and surrogates

In the run up to the treatment I felt a bit spaced out and very tired. At the start time I was relaxing and fell into a deep sleep, waking two hours later, feeling refreshed and more focused.

G., surrogate, Montevideo, Uruguay

For the first hour I was with five other women, and we did a spring ritual of drinking violet water from a pitcher of water that had wild violets picked the day before in it and set in the moonlight overnight. We each lit a candle, set our intention, and made a wish before blowing it out. We brushed and brushed and brushed our hair, letting loose hair blow into the breeze for building material for bird's nests. We listened to a poem. It really set the stage for a meditation. Then we parted company.

Upon arriving home I stayed tuned in with you, but two hours later I could not keep my eyes open, so I took an hour nap, totally not my daily schedule. This morn I seem to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed, but we'll see how long this lasts. During the night I felt some distress over the U.S. actions towards Putin...

S., surrogate, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

(And later in the day...) I did take a nap AGAIN today from one to two....

S., surrogate, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

I started falling asleep during my working day - long before you started, and had a thick head before the treatment began, an insatiable thirst for water and felt really just quite grim. During the treatment I felt lightheaded and had a sense of needing to do the things left undone - soon - as if time was going to be running out and that the time was now to get to the bucket list.  Was relieved when the treatment ended.

Slept well, and feeling much better today

K., surrogate, near London, UK

After about half an hour of meditation, I developed a strong headache and had to lie down. Before that, I got the clear image of a golden ring, burning like fire.

Besides the possible association with the "ring of fire" (earthquakes), the image was not frightening but rather "reassuring"! Therefore, I rather take it as manifestation of  the antique symbol of divine judgement: a ring with signs of the four cardinal signs, which will build a "ring" in the forthcoming great square, lit up by Uranus (suddenly), Pluto (transformation), Jupiter (expansion) and Mars (action), in the cardinal signs Ram (fire), Cancer (water), Libra (air) and Capricorn (earth), in the mid​s​​t of April.

Whatever will happen, on the collective level it will be "earth shaking". On the spiritual level it well might be what we were looking forward to.

C., surrogate, Gols, Austria

Saturday, 22 March 2014

C. (T.'s daughter, who had been ill lately and was included in the treatment) said she felt quite "weird" and very sleepy on Thurs evening (after the treatment ended). She does seem to be stabilizing , but it is very difficult to say exactly what is affecting what...

My body is clearing and carrying "stuff", not sure blood pressure started dropping quite substantially and has been down since Thurs morning. Very weird, so I have been very still and am only starting to feel back in my body today.......

T., surrogate, Magaliesberg, South Africa

I've been lapping water like a dog who can't get enough.

Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.

S., surrogate, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

More feedback from the participants

Thursday, 20 March 2014

It has indeed been a most interesting day. I shall need some time to reflect on what it all means. The energy was particularly impressive this time. I tuned in 5 - 6pm and again at 8 - 9 for a second dose. I shall wait and see what else 'develops' before feeding back properly.

Cornwall, UK​

...As you know I was a bit concerned for having to be at work today. but with relief knowing I would be on lunchtime at the start. Came home for lunch so I could be in my favorite starting place outside and I wanted my earth orgonite out there also. I did the usual start up routine and sat there for about twenty minutes then had to get back to work. I left the earth orgonite outside to hold the energy here when I left.

While driving back to work I got a serious case of dry mouth and my body began to relax. I parked and headed for the door telling the energy to hang on to me when I went in. I know they probably didn’t need me to but I held the door open a moment as to let them in.. I immediately felt the darkness that I usually feel when going to work but that was overcome thankfully…. I put my piece of orgonite that stays with me near my heart in my shirt… Then BAM…… I could have fallen out right there at my desk. I became mush (which has happened during treatments before) so apparently that metal building didn’t stop connections I had.. I could hardly do anything. I would go to write down numbers and I would write wrong numbers. I was awake but I think my brain and body were in sleep mode. My body did not want any deep breathes, just shallow like sleeping. I was moving very slowly up and down the hall and that is not normal for me. I am always blazing around. This lasted pretty much the rest of the day. I did go outside every hour or so for a break too. At some point had tightness around the heart area so after a bit I put the orgonite in my pocket but I do not feel that was the cause...

When I got home from work I went directly outside (I do that anyway) but specifically to my earth orgonite to pick it up and hold it. Edna, I couldn’t believe it; it came right out of the glass that it has been in all this time. I think it may have transformed energy from the ground upon which it had sat, enough to come loose from the glass. There are also scratch marks on the bottom that were not there before and I am trying to figure out why. Symbol number two… Free yourself…

Jacksonville, FL, USA

Friday, 21 March 2014

About an hour and a half before it started, I went outside.  I felt a little bit light-headed for a brief moment... I felt like I was able to connect and send out my intentions. I wish I could have consciously participated more fully, but was at work and also had a lot on my mind. I did feel some emotions rise up at various times, but I was able to acknowledge them, and then quickly let them go. This is something I am working on, and I felt it went very well today.

I was tired all day, and thirsty after the equinox.  I found that my thirst increased at around the time the event was over.  I also noticed some lower back aches.

I had some errands to run, but once I got home, I felt very lethargic. I have felt a very mild headache, but it comes and goes.  I'm still thirsty and will be going to bed earlier than usual.

It was a privilege to be able to participate in such an important event.  I hope many received needed healing.

P.S. Just wanted to add that before going to bed early, I totally crashed while meditating. It wasn't late, but I was that tired! I didn't have the best sleep and am still feeling tired and thirsty.

Coram, Long Island, New York, USA

Had a good night's sleep. Can only report positive, except detoxing at the moment. We have a holiday today which is good - I can rest and enjoy after effects...

Swakopmund, Namibia

Four days prior to the event, I had a searing pain in my left shoulder/neck, which I've never experienced before. It felt as if I had pulled a muscle, but I hadn't (no strain, no accident). I couldn't sleep on it, so I took arnica, but it just barely abated right before the event.

I had, then, flu symptoms for two days prior, with a really deep, barking chest cough. I still have it, but less. I was directed to take colloidal silver and actually went through 2 liters of the stuff in the past 3 days. It's working. Also hot tea, honey, hot bath with salts, everything you can think of that just supports the body to get better on its own.

Thank you for a very intense session. I was able to be alone, quiet, and meditating for the whole thing, and it was brilliant.

Johannesburg, South Africa

I woke up Thursday with quite a bit of energy (have been pretty drained doing a lot of heavy physical work.)  Felt pretty light until about 3 hours into the event and then wham!!!  I felt like I was tied in place. I tried to just work through it a bit, but ended up lying down for a little while. I did not sleep, but just rested. The rest of the day was pretty light and there was a lot of energy.  Went to bed early and slept hard. Not much of an appetite Thursday or Friday.  Drinking lots of water!!!  Full of energy again today - and very focused on what needs to be done... which is a lot!  ;-)  Much love to all! 

Madison, AL USA

...The energies have been increasingly intense and in the run up to the event I have accessed split time line dimensions. During the event I maintained a meditative state with focusing on the waves of energy...

I am still connected to the energies which seem to be amplifying. Thanks for mentioning about the flu as I have these symptoms :-)

Can't wait to hear everyone else's experience. I feel we are increasingly aware of our interconnection- - we are one <3 .="" p="">
Croner, UK

Quick update: B. got a little part-time job. My throat is clearing and feeling better and better. I almost got my voice back to normal.... I had disappointing news hardly bothered me. I'm disconnecting from the drama. I'm getting better!

Sacramento. CA, USA

Before and after the event I kept going into migraines, complete with nausea. Drinking more water really does help when the nausea and headache hit again, but I admit I had to take a pharma drug once. Migraines are so painful and upsetting to my system that I just give thanks that there now is something that can stop them - which wasn't always the case. But my cat and I are fine now.

... I did feel like some sort of upheaval was going on.


Saturday, 22 March 2014

I was on the computer just before the healing, but could feel the energy start to build up and the connections coming in. I literally could not stay sat there and had to go and lie down. I started to pray and ask for help from various realms and spheres for us all.

I stayed still for the first hour, during which I had a light headache. I then managed to get up and go and do a P​ilates class!

The day after, I had terrible neck and back pain, which came out of nowhere. I did a marathon work day and was then completely pooped...

Zaragoza, Spain

Sunday, 23 March 2014

It finally caught up with me yesterday evening, I had to lie down for a couple of hours and just chill, must be all the excitement of the last few days! I am carrying the jasper around with me all the time now, interestingly a medium friend of mine has seen a link between it and the same person I mentioned in respect of this song that won't leave me alone (she has never met or seen a picture of this person, but was able to describe her perfectly), a puzzle indeed....

Cornwall, UK

P. (participant's cat, who was also included in the treatment) is sleeping a lot...Lots of tiredness on J. and my part as well. Been drinking lots of water, and eating less...

Sacramento, CA, USA

Very interesting... especially these cards! They are all quite relevant to me. Wow!!

I was very tired through yesterday. Today is a little better and although fatigue is starting to settle in (it's only evening now), I was up later than I had planned to be last night, and had to get up early today.

I continued to be very thirsty yesterday. Today is much better.

I also had a headache yesterday, but did some self-reiki and it went away within about 15 minutes.  : )

Thank you for all of the work you do. Everything you send is so interesting to read. Of the few healing events I have participated in, the feelings with this one were the most intense.

New York, USA

Cough still here and still feeling flu-y. Wishing it would just vamoose!  To share with other participants, an observation and a question:

In previous sessions over the years, I'd been drinking coffee, alcohol, and generally not doing good stuff for myself, and my session detoxes were severe, with migraines.
​ ​
Before the December 2013 event, I was really into my healthful practices, such as running and meditating every day. I had very few symptoms or detox reactions during that session; it was the best and easiest ever, since 2004.  This time (March Equinox 2014), I've been slack, not running, not meditating, and my symptoms are moderately annoying. 

Are these correlations just for me, or are you all also experiencing more and/or less severe detoxes depending on your diets and practices?

Johannesburg, South Africa

...I have been feeling absolutely shattered over all dimensions of my being which is a new experience for me, as I am generally upbeat and energetic. I think this personal and global clear-out is mega, although as things clear I am discovering a greater peace. I have got a long standing face rash associated with an emotional blockage that I have been trying to clear by finding the root cause and whilst drinking my yogi tea (the motto on the tab was 'ego is the cause of suffering'), I went into a deep meditation... I felt a taste of this hidden ego barrier which I let go of and felt an amazing sense of deep love, peace and connection...

Much love to all...

Cromer, UK

I've been at home trying to fight oncoming flu - but Saturday I slept for most of the day and slept well. Better than the Friday night - or any night actually. Felt great Saturday night and today - energised and clear minded. Am feeling a wholesome tiredness, if that makes sense.  But besides this event, I'm finding 2014 a much clearer, calmer and less frantic year than last year. I'm not sure how other people are finding it, but I have even more on my plate, yet I'm coping fine with it. Last year I was all over the place, mentally and physically.  2014 is sitting well with me, hopefully it means I've stepped up my vibration to meet the demand :) 

Cape Town, South Africa

One week before this Earth Heal event I was inspired to organize an Equinox drum circle celebration, at the Wellness Center where I work.

It ended up being a profound meditation connecting me to the Creation process and how the elements work together and influence other...

Friday the 21st after our Equinox drum circle one of the ladies who noticed the meticulous but simple design of the hoop, whispered into my ear that she sees us putting cloth or some kind of material on our barren ground to make it decorative. I could only smile at the confirmation of our next step. Then the larger picture hit me … this whole thing is a powerful metaphor for 2014 … as we start to consciously set intention and infrastructure in place, and we are aligned to the magnetic field of the earth and the subtle energy fields around us … one step at a time, subtle clarity and sense of direction comes in a timing that has its own rhythm. This is making me feel more connected to the mystery of the universe. I finished the hoop around the time the event ended. 

I was very thirsty before, and continue to need more water. I was feeling a little lethargic or maybe just disoriented by the huge yet subtle shift in my energy, kind of like a computer program that has just had a significant update, and can’t quite “get it” where/how I connect with my widgets. As if deep parts of my heart have found their way to the surface. LOL … I’ve just naturally slowed down internally and getting the “inner-outer” dances I do back into an interesting sync, and feel somehow more “present” as I get used to this new version of me...

...Thank you Edna for the support you give me, in listening to my stories, and supporting my journeys.  :) :) :)

Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

So so so so VERY interesting Edna!  WOW!  Spoke directly to me and all have a strong message.

Wow!  I'm so resolute after reading them. And I read them out loud too! :) I could feel every word sink in and as I agreed with what I was reading so I was smiling and nodding my head.  The words sit so well with me. I have been doing these things over the past few months actually, but do need to 'tie up loose emotional ends' too.

Cape Town, South Africa

I'm reviewing my intentions for the E​quinox event. They were very specific and I have seen movement in each area that I delineated. That's encouraging! For one, I wrote that I wanted to dance more and make a video(s) of it. On Saturday evening, an acquaintance approached me out of the blue about being in one of his dance videos that he is making!

Housing settled itself down into certainty the day after the event--prayers answered. And an unfortunate but motivating jamming/semi-dislocation of my ankle happened on Thursday, right after the event. While uncomfortable and not the way I would choose to learn my lessons, it is motivating me to feel into my body and the ways that I have numbed out my pain. I want to thaw it, and I have been praying for motivation. So here it is.

In general, I have felt more connected to spirit and more grateful. Very welcome, indeed! I am glad for these events as opportunities to reconnect and remember my belovedness. This time, I was able to work with the feeling of receiving energy and notice what I love about it so I can tap into it outside of official healing sessions. Basically, I find that these sessions amplify the sensations of stuff moving within me and around me so that I cannot miss it. But it's there all the time if I let myself hear it.

Many, many thanks!

Near Detroit, Michigan, USA

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

I was "with you guys" during the recent solstice event, but being it was a very busy day for me, I had to multi-task my spiritual energies in the background, so to speak.  Somehow, the solstice blended with my solar return energies with the result of getting my usual after effects of the solstice two days after the event - "They" and my higher self decided I needed some down time to detox, so I slept for the better part of 24 hours sporadically.  Sure wasn't expecting that, but must say I needed it, and have felt much better since.

Forestville, California, USA

Saturday, 19 April 2014

One of my aims in the healing was to feel more at home where I live.

A couple of years ago I bought a cave house in a very rural area of Spain. It is very beautiful, but the people are quite complex and the energy is strong and quite overpowering for me. I got quite ill when we lived here permanently and was feeling quite upset and confused about the situation.

Since the healing, I've been back twice and somehow, in a very intangible way, I feel better. Perhaps it is just that I see a flicker of love and appreciation in peoples' eyes when they see me, or that I am more relaxed. I don't know. It's one of life's mysteries. I KNOW you and your wonderful team helped, though!

Thank you for being there. It has helped me and my family.

Zaragoza, Spain

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Just to give you another anecdote of how much better I feel in the community..

Two days ago we were at a neighbor´s house talking about nothing much (dogs I believe), and I realized it was raining. I scooped up my daughter and went running to warn another neighbor that her washing was going to get wet and we collected it together and moaned about the rain. It was a moment so loaded with meaning and intention for me and was very special...

Zaragoza, Spain

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