Monday, April 16, 2012

Please help to save the life of a white lioness

Nyanga, the white lioness

Urgent campaign - Time is running out for Nyanga

Please add your voice to the petition today

Unless you live in South Africa, you may not have heard about the plight of Nyanga, the white lioness who faces "euthenasia" after attacking her keeper at Johannesburg Zoo in February, after 11 years of captivity in what appear to have been deplorable conditions.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust has asked to be given guardianship of Nyanga. They are hoping to get 5000 signatures on a petition supporting this action in the next few days, as only public action can stop the mayor of Johannesburg and the City Council from having her "euthenased".

Please network this as widely as possible.

The tragedy has brought to light the Johannesburg's Zoo's "breeding program" and their mismanagement, neglect and possibly abusive treatment of the white lioness and other animals at the zoo.

Please sign the petition calling on the Johannesburg City Council to release Nyanga from a lifetime of captivity into the custodianship of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, where she will be given sanctuary in her ancestral homeland of the greater Timbavati region. The public is also being asked to e-mail the Mayor and City Council. More info at this link.


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