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New Year Energies

blue moon

31 December 2009 - 1 January 2010

The heavens are alive with the sound of music. Everything is extraordinary at this time, so I am including some of the most relevant info below about the astrological aspects over this New Year, and may we all be blessed during 2010. Happy New Year!

Full Moon, Blue Moon, Partial Lunar Eclipse

31 December 2009
" ...lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes behind the earth and the earth blocks the sun's rays from striking the moon. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, there is always a full moon the night of a lunar eclipse... A partial lunar eclipse occurs when only a portion of the Moon passes through Earth's umbral shadow." - Wikipedia
There will be a partial lunar eclipse on the night of 31 December, visible in parts of Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. It will not be visible in North America. Only a very small portion of the Moon will enter the darkest part of Earth's shadow, the umbra. Hence this eclipse will be difficult to observe even where it is visible. The eclipse will begin at 17:17 GMT/UTC, with mid-eclipse being at 19:23, and it will end at 19:52.

To view an excellent flash simulation of the movement of earth and the moon during this partial eclipse, please go to this link.

Lunar eclipse from moon-2009Dec31.png
This image shows the view of the earth as viewed from the center of the moon at greatest eclipse. The partially eclipsed sun is visible above the north pole.

Blue Moon on New Year's Eve - once in two decades

From Carol Ann Ciocco:
"Everything we ever imagined, thought or felt is available now. This is chaos." - Christine Page on Chaos and Re-Creating Our Lives.
On Thursday December 31st, we will experience a Full Blue Moon at 11 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn (Moon in Cancer/Sun in Capricorn).

A Blue Moon occurs when two Full Moons occur in a calendar month. We call the second Full Moon the Blue Moon. A Blue Moon occurs roughly every 2.5 years.

This Thursday's Blue Moon is a bit more uncommon because it is happening on New Years Eve - a coincidence that happens only about once in every twenty years. So this particular Blue Moon is slightly more qualified than most for the saying: "once in a blue moon". And, as Susan Miller writes, "This eclipse might bring a 'once in a lifetime' event." It's the end of the first decade of the 21st century; and it seems the Lunar presence is putting a bit of an exclamation point on that transition.

Here is some good advice for the safe navigation of this touchy transition. "It is wise to keep gatherings intimate and safe. The eclipse comes with a caution to keep personal safety in mind; and if you're traveling, stay in the city where you're celebrating. Eclipses can bring sudden news, and in Cancer, it has to do with security, family, and for Americans, our national identity. Everyone may be seeking comfort, a sense of intimate connection, hominess." (Susan Miller)

In the Sign of Cancer - it's your party, cry if you want to

From Carol Ann Ciocco:
The rain-weeping and the sun burning twine together to make us grow. Keep your intelligence white-hot and your grief glistening, so your life will stay fresh. Cry easily like a little child. ~ Rumi
"This eclipse is linked to last summer's Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer (July 22, 2009). For many of us, that was an intense time.... This week's eclipse might bring resolution or culmination to things that occurred back in July. Take a moment to think back to that time.

"This moon actually does have a touch of the sad 'Blue Moon' quality described in the song of the same name; mainly because it is in the sign of Cancer, which is the most emotional of all of the signs. Plus, this is a Lunar eclipse which tends to tug on the emotions as well.

"Astrologically we say that the Moon is most at home in ('ruler' of) the sign of Cancer. So the Full Moon in Cancer is an extra good time to examine your emotions... The next step is to make sure you nurture yourself as much you nurture others... Coming just after the holidays, this Full Moon will surely illuminate how we spread ourselves too thin; doing things that maybe we don't even want to do, with no quiet time for our souls.

"You may find yourself crying under this eclipse (remember: the effects of an eclipse start at least 2 weeks beforehand). Deep sadness may be triggered by any number of internal or external events....

"As I have mentioned many times recently, letting go is key now. Between now and March we are preparing for intense transformation in the second half of the year...."

The Juno-Pluto-Saturn T-Square

December 24, 2009 through January 1, 2010

From Nick Anthony Fiorenza:

"The Juno-Pluto-Saturn T-square from 24 December 2009 to 1 January 2010 is the grand finale event of the recent several-month "restructuring of relationships" -a radical transition that has been occurring in relationships of all types, those of a personal nature, and those of business and politics. The grand finale of December 2009 occurs due to a dynamic T-square created by the asteroid Juno and the already occurring Saturn-Pluto square, which recently began in November 2009. The T-square will be initially triggered on the First Quarter Moon of December 24, 2009 as the Sun conjoins Pluto and the Moon conjoins Juno opposite Saturn. This will create a dynamic "external stimulus to action."

"The T-square will continue through the Gibbous Moon as Venus conjoins Pluto, and then through the Full Moon eclipse of December 31 and into the "day of realization" in the lunar cycle, which occurs just after the Full Moon, on January 1, 2010. A "T-square" is like a cross-bow, one that must fire. In this case it is Pluto that is firing right through the already occurring "restructuring of relationships." This finale creates an opening, one that demands we let go and live true to heart. With this heart-driven momentum, relationships will then move into a new octave of experience. Some will end, while others, more appropriate for the future, will begin; and some may just transform into a new octave of experience."

Sagittarius New Moon and this lunar cycle

December 16, 2009

From Barbara Hand Clow:

"It is the New Moon in Sagittarius, the time to consider our core beliefs in light of what is going on in the world. We are also living during the early days of Night Six of the Galactic Underworld, the darkness before the dawn....

"This year's New Moon in Sagittarius is closely conjunct the Milky Way Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius. The Moon exactly conjuncts the Galactic Center four hours after the New Moon, which is followed by the Sun on December 18. The galactic aspects of this New Moon start during the New Moon and intensify over two days, which is great preparation for the high energy that will move in with the Winter Solstice. ...The period from this New Moon to the Winter Solstice is very mystical and healing, because Jupiter conjuncts Chiron for the last time on December 7 and Jupiter conjuncts Neptune for the last time right before the Solstice. Uranus going direct and Jupiter's last conjunctions to Chiron and Neptune are pulling in massive doses of higher consciousness forces from 6D and 8D down into 4D and 3D.

"...On the spiritual planes, lines are being drawn from the time of this New Moon through the Solstice. ...

"The New Moon and Venus, both in Sagittarius, closely sextile the Triple Conjunction-Chiron/Jupiter/Neptune in Aquarius-just when this potent conjunction rejoins as closely as it did during the summer. Going back to May-July 2009, Jupiter and Chiron caused us to access deep and ancient wounds, while Jupiter and Neptune so greatly expanded our spiritual boundaries that many of us felt insane. Now during this lunation, the Triple Conjunction challenges us to see our resonance with higher orders, higher dimensions. We can't get off the hook because we know the truth. If we are lazy and dishonest about Earth now, things will be created in our 3D world that will not be pleasant. If we have respect for our own progress, great events in 3D will give us even more information. Mars in Leo widely trines the New Moon and Venus, which will make it easier to assess our own failings and limitations...

"The period between the Sagittarius New Moon and the Winter Solstice is the time to go into deep contemplation, a time to examine your ideals and how they are being expressed in the world. ... Float on your life raft, the creation of this lifetime, with confidence. The higher fields are moving in and transmuting reality, and soon during Day Seven, which opens in late October 2010, these changes will be visible..."

Mars and Mercury are in retrograde

From Carol Ann Ciocco:

"The backdrop of this New Year's Eve eclipse is the continuing Retrograde Saga. i.e. both Mars and Mercury are retrograde right now. The Ghosts of Christmas Past (and/or decades past) might walk through your wall on some nights as you lie sleeping in your bedchamber.

The Mind will review the actions of the Body over the past 2 years (and perhaps beyond) to discern whether those actions are in alignment with the true desires of the Heart and the mandates of the Soul.

Also, the Mars Retro effect (in play through March 10, 2010) is a time for recharging your batteries. Mars is our energy source, our power source. It is the engine in our car. Venus represents our heart's desire and Mars is how we go about getting it. Check out how that equation is playing out in your life. What is your heart's desire and how do you get (or not get) what you want?"

The Sirius-New Years Connection

At Midnight on New Year's Eve, we are directly 'downstream' from Sirius

From Carol Ann Ciocco:


"Around mid-night local time on New Year's Eve the triple star Sirius (the brightest fixed star in our sky) is found directly overhead on the mid-heaven infusing the earth with its starry energy. Because Sirius is the brightest star in our sky, in antiquity it was known as The Shining One or The Scorcher. The Egyptians called Sirius Isis and built their calendar around the rising and setting of this magnificent star. In addition, the Egyptians felt that Sirius could bring immortality to humans.

"Freya Owlsdottir shares this info about Sirius: "The Sirius system is directly "upstream" of our solar system within the galactic arm of our Milky Way Galaxy. Because of this, we now know that the polarized energies of Sirius do indeed wash over us. By coming directly towards us, Sirius creates an axis of rotation with Earth relative to the stellar background. Because of this, of all the stars in the sky, only the annual heliacal rising (meaning its visible rising just before the Sun) of Sirius exactly matches the length of our solar year, 365.25 days.

"Even today, unbeknownst to most of the people of the world, our New Years Eve celebration is a celebration of Sirius' presence directly overhead at midnight. Around January 1st, this midnight alignment marks the moment when the energies of Sirius most closely touch our lives in their most singular purity. Without knowing the hidden reason, we mark this midnight moment by jumping for joy as the rush of this vital connection surges through us.

"Sirius is a double or binary star, (the Dogon peoples of Africa have maintained for centuries the existence of not one, but two companions of Sirius, even long before astronomers were able to telescopically perceive the now-acknowledged companion known as Sirius B.) This companion to Sirius is a very dense and small star that, nonetheless, has immense impact on the rotational pattern of Sirius.

"In their dual gravitational pull upon one another, Sirius and its companion form a beautiful spiral dance. As they rotate relative to their respective gravitational fields, Sirius and Sirius B are observed to twist around each other in a helix-like spiral that has, over the course of its 50 year cycle, the expansive/contractive design of the Golden Proportion. The Golden Proportion is a geometric pattern that is evident in all natural forms, from the seed-heads of a sunflower to the relative proportions of our own bodies and the motions of hurricanes.

"Sirius imprints upon us a realignment of our own vibrational patterns, touched by the perfection of the Golden Proportion. If we have gone astray from our original DNA blueprint of balance and harmony - for instance through toxic food, air, thoughts etc. - the Sirian influence reestablishes balance and harmony within our Body/Mind/Soul. Out with the old, in with the new!" - Freya Owlsdottir

"The key word to describe Sirius energies is TRANSFORMATION. ...The Morphic Fields contain the blueprint for all physical form in its penultimate and perfect expression. This may be why the Egyptians linked Sirius with immortality, as Sirius holds the codes of perfection that exist in the 6th dimension...

"So, as the ball drops over Times Square, so does a blast of energy from Sirius, "The Shining One," for the creation of perfect and beautiful expressions on Earth. Allow Sirius-magic to infuse your new-beginning visualizations into form....

"To paraphrase "The Great Invocation": May Light and Love and Power restore the perfect plan on Earth.

The Year is Going, Let him go

Ring out the false, ring in the true

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
The flying cloud, the frosty light;
The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring out the false, ring in the true.
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go.

- Alfred Lord Tennyson

happy new year

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Join the Maya attunement for the Great Pyramid at Cheops on December 31!

Buried in sand up to its neck, the Sphinx endures.
from "la Description de l'Egypte"
engraving from original drawing c.1801

Full Moon Attunement for the Great Pyramid at Cheops, Egypt

31 December 2009

The 15th sacred site Full Moon attunement of the
Grand Maya Itza Council

Please join the Grand Maya Itza Council in spirit at the time of your local moon rise on 31 Dec, for the Full Moon sacred site attunement, to be focused this time on The Great Pyramid at Cheops, Egypt.

This attunement is the fifthteenth in the series of 52 sacred site ceremonies in total, which the Maya have been conducting every Full Moon since November 2008, and is the second attunement in the second of the four 13-moon cycles leading up to the final ceremony on December 28, 2012: 4 x 13 = 52.

The Maya Full Moon attunement for The Great Pyramid

The serrated edges of the Great Pyramid are made of countless stone blocks.
The Great Pyramid of Cheops
by E.J. Andrews, 1842

The Grand Mayan Itza Council will be making a journey in spirit to the Great Pyramid on 31 December 2009, and we are asked to join them in sending our collective love and healing to that location during the full moonrise in our own part of the world.

The project was initiated in Angkor, Cambodia on the Full Moon of 13 November 2008 and will continue until the Full Moon of December 2012, ending at Vijayanagar, India.

For more info and the full list of sacred sites and full moon dates released by Don Hunbatz Men of the Grand Maya Itza Council, go to this link.

The Great Pyramid, seen from the Second Pyramid,
By Johann Frey.

The connection between the Solstice healing event on December 21 and the upcoming Great Pyramid attunement

It was apparent from the start of this lunar cycle that the energies at this time are indeed very powerful, with the alignment of the moon to the Galactic Centre on 16 December, followed by the sun aligning to the Galactic Centre on December 18. See Barbara Hand Clow's report below for more info.

The facilitator as well as some of the surrogates and several participants in the event experienced high vibrational energy and feelings of upliftment in the days preceding the event, as well as the sense that "heaven and earth were aligning" in some way, and the feedback sent in afterwards revealed that several people had experienced images and memories related to ancient Egypt, the Eyes of Osirus and Horus, the Infinity Symbol and Christ Consciousness, and the presence of Thoth during the event itself.

To acces all the info related to the Solstice event, please go to this link.

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>> Feedback from the facilitator and surrogates after the 21 December 2009 event

>> Information sent to participants after the 21 December 2009 event

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Please join us for the 21 December Solstice distant healing event!

21 December 2009
Solstice group distant healing event

Summer Solstice in the South
Winter Solstice in the North

- All are welcome to participate in this event -

The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project will be hosting a group distant healing event on Monday 21 December. The actual moment of Solstice will occur at 17:47 GMT/UT on the 21 December .

The starting time for Monday's event is 2 pm local Brazilian time, or 5 pm GMT/Universal
Time, and the process will continue for about 3 to 4 hours, ending between 8 and 9 pm GMT/Universal Time. Go to this link to check to starting time in your part of the world.

All people and animals everywhere in the world are welcome to join us for this event, either on a once-off donation basis or by opting for annual membership to Earth Heal, and being included in all our distant healing events for the coming year. Those in disadvantaged circumstances are included on a pro bono basis.

The treatment will include more than 200 participants globally, and will be facilitated on the NE coast of Brazil by Edna Spennato, working under guidance from the collective Higher Self of the group.

Six surrogates, in Brazil, South Africa, Austria, the UK and the USA, will anchor the incoming healing energy during the treatment process and release energies which are "no longer needed", on behalf of the participants and the planetary morphic field as a whole.

General Info

During the treatment process, each participant will be worked on individually and as part of the group, anchoring the planetary healing energies in their part of the world, releasing disharmonic energy and receiving healing energy on an individual and collective level.

We use a cutting-edge distant healing method known as Synchronization Harmonics, and for those who have never before experienced distant vibrational healing, this is the ideal opportunity.

Feedback from those who participated in the recent Full Moon event on 2 November can be seen here in detail, and some extracts are included below.

After each healing event, feedback and detailed reports about what came up during the treatment process for the group, as well as for the collective consciousness on a planetary level, are mailed to participants.

First-time participants should e-mail us their details and pics as soon as possible, and no later than midnight GMT/UT, Sunday 20 December 2009.

The December Solstice

Recognized among the ancients as an extremely powerful day of the year, and celebrated as a turning point, Solstice means "standing-still-sun". This is an opportunity to harmonise with the solar cycle and to utilise the powerful incoming energies available for personal and planetary healing on this special day.

Summer solstice in the southern hemisphere, which is winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, is the time when the sun is at its furthest point from the equator, reaching its southernmost point at 17:47 GMT/UT on December 21, when the areas of the earth south of the Tropic of Capricorn tilt towards the sun.

Also known as the southern solstice, this is the time when the sun is over the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere. This day has the longest hours of daylight for those living south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Those living or traveling to the south of the Antarctic Circle are able to see the "midnight sun", where the sun remains visible throughout the night, while those living or traveling to the northern Arctic Circle will not see the sun at all during this time of the year.

Ancient Architecture Aligned to the Solstice

Ancient traditions regarded the Solstice as a powerful time to initiate changes and shift into a new reality, and and the ancient people of the earth built their tombs, temples, cairns and sacred observatories so that they aligned with the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Many people are aware of Stonehenge being a perfect marker of both solstices. But not so many are familiar with Newgrange, a beautiful megalithic stone-age site in Ireland, built some 5,300 years ago, which makes it more than 600 years older than the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, and 1,000 years more ancient than Stonehenge.

Known in Gaelic as Uaimh na Gréine, 'the cave of the sun', certain stone carvings in the inner sanctum at Newgrange are illuminated by the sun for only one memorable moment every year, at dawn on the winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, which this year occurs on December 21. At all other times of the year the tomb is shrouded in darkness.

The light of the rising sun enters the roofbox at Newgrange and penetrates the passage, shining onto the floor of the inner chamber. The sunbeam illuminates the chamber of Newgrange for just 17 minutes.

As the inner sanctum can only hold 20 or so people, attendance at this once in a lifetime event is decided each year by lottery!

Newgrange has some stunning examples of megalithic art, including the famous triple spiral, which is found on the entrance stone and in the inner chamber, and which the Synchronization Harmonics logo is based upon (SH is the healing method used during Earth Heal's distant healing events).

Believed to be the palace of Aengus, the ancient Irish god of love and fertility, huge circular stone structure and passage tomb was known in the past as Brugh na Boinne on the River Boyne.

Some of the feedback received from participants in the recent Full Moon event on 2 November 2009

3 November

Thank you! We felt energies Monday evening at 20:00 hrs. It was very nice, my right arm (twice broken) was being healed….

Budapest, Hungary

I was really very tired during the day before the healing and in the hours leading up to the start of the event. My energy changed shortly after the healing started, while I was lying in bed (the healing started in SA at 7pm, so I opted for an early night). I've noted small but wonderful changes since then in many spheres of my life. Been drinking lots of water and eating lightly. I have a deep sense of peace flowing over me. Thank you, one and all.

East London, South Africa

...I felt light-headed, disorientated for a while, but energized, with a remarkable sense of clarity inside my thoughts and movements! I also had the feeling of energy being pulled out, from the right side of my head, and from the palm of my left hand. Otherwise just a general feeling of total rapture, love and gratitude towards the planet and other spirits on our journey!

Luderitz, Namibia

4 November

This is amazing...I was wondering what was going on!!!Last week I slipped one of the lower discs in my back, and was having a lot of sciatic pain. On Thursday, the disc just slipped back again (while I was doing a stretch) and when I went and saw the chiropractor on Friday, she couldn't believe the change!!! Have been hell to live with the past weekend, and it all just "it all just "harmonised" and integrated on Monday night. Feeling strong, clear and ready for the next step!!!!

Magaliesberg, South Africa

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>> Feedback from the facilitator and surrogates after the 21 December 2009 event

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