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Love & healing for ancient Lake Baikal, Siberia

... and a short report-back after the 25 July event

Our distant healing event held on the Mayan Day Out of Time and World Day of Love & Thanks to Water was a powerful experience, anchored by more than 200 participants around the world. There were some startling synchronicities, and the details can be found at this link.

Many different steps were carried out under direction from the collective Higher Self during the treatment process, for both the participants and the collective energy field of the planet, and reports about "what came up" are being compiled, and will be posted on this blog soon.

Feedback has been coming in from participants and surrogates since Friday's event, and can be read at these links:

Feedback from the facilitator and surrogates after the event

Feedback from participants after the event

For now, just to mention there was some emphasis on the following: The upcoming election in the USA, the collective energy field of Asia as a whole, and the energy field of Vietnam in particular (which has been a constant through many of our distant healing events in the past couple of years!)

Love and Thanks ceremony for Lake Baikal - 3 Aug 2008

We were also guided to include the energy field of Lake Baikal in Siberia in Friday's treatment, using sea water from our local beach here in Praia do Frances placed in front of a picture of the lake for the duration of the treatment process.

We worked closely with the water spirits of the lake, clearing some of the stagnant and dissonant energies, and bringing healing energies into the energy field of the lake in preparation for Dr. Masaru Emoto's healing ceremony taking place there next Sunday 3 August, Starting at 8 am GMT/UT.

The info came through that by including the lake in our healing work, we were helping to 'set the energy' for Dr Emoto's upcoming ceremony, and that the powerful healing effects of the ceremony would be strengthened as a result of the release of certain disharmonic energies from the energy field of the lake during the 25 July treatment process.

The lake is the oldest and largest in the world and was until recently pristine-clean. However, it has started to become polluted of late, and the goal of Dr Emoto's work is to use love and prayer to clear the pollution at a physical as well as energetic level, so that if photographed under a microscope, the water crystals of the lake would once again be beautiful and perfect. Before and after the ceremony, the energy levels of the water in the lake will be scientifically measured, and the crystals of the lake will be photographed, to observe any changes.

Dr Masaru Emoto is asking people around the world to join him in spirit for the 3 August healing ceremony, sending prayers and healing to the lake. To find out the starting time of the ceremony in your part of the world, go to this link at the World Clock.

A Message to you from Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dear Friend,

Our planet Earth is called "Planet of Water". We have not found any other planet in this vast universe, which contains such a great amount of liquid water. It is said that our life was born in the primordial ocean of this planet, and water is a critical element for us to maintain our life form. All life could not exist without water. Our precious and essential resource, however, has been seriously polluted all over the world.

Lake Baikal located in eastern Siberia is the largest and cleanest supply of freshwater on the planet. It has long been admired as the"Sacred Gem" and "Pearl in Siberia". It is said that Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on Earth and holds 20% of the world's freshwater supply, which is more than the amount of water of the Five Great Lakes in the North America combined. It is also said that humanity could survive at least for forty years solely on the water of Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal is also known as the oldest lake on Earth and was considered to have been created about 25 million years ago. It contains 1500 endemic species, of which more than half cannot be found anywhere else in the world. In 1996, the United Nation declared Lake Baikal as a World Heritage Site.

Recently, I was notified that the water of this precious lake has become polluted. This is why we have decided to hold this year's Ceremony to Send Love and Gratitude to Water at Lake Baikal, so that the people of the world would pay attention to this precious water resource, and not take it for granted.

We have chosen Olkhon Island, the biggest island of Lake Baikal, as the primary site for our ceremony. This island has long been known as a sacred place for Siberian shamans. There is a small cape called Shaman Rock near Khuzhir.

We invite you to join us by sending your own sincere prayer of Love and Gratitude to the water of Lake Baikal, and the waters of the world.

Ceremony schedule and information on how to participate

Ceremony to Send Love and Gratitude to Water of Lake Baikal and the waters of the world.

Time: 5pm to 6pm on Sunday, August 3, 2008 Lake Baikal Time

Place: Shaman Rock of Olkhon Island, the biggest island of Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. Click here for a map of Lake Baikal.

Content: We dedicate our sincere Prayer of Love and Gratitude to the water of Lake Baikal, and the waters of the world.

There are two ways to participate via the internet:

Visit the Zen TV Network site...Click on the "Lake Baikal" video and follow along with the prayer. Or copy and paste into your browser (the video will be up by August 1) .

Print the photograph of Lake Baikal shown on the left (click to enlarge the image.)

Prepare a glass of clean water and put it on the photograph of Lake Baikal. If you can't print the photograph, then you can just put the glass of water in front of the computer screen showing the photograph.

Please pray for the water in the glass using the following prayer of Apology (for Humanity's contribution to pollution), Love, Gratitude and Respect.

Water, We Are Sorry.
Water, We Love You.
Water, We Thank You.
Water, We
Respect You.

Please intend that the water in the glass is completely filled with the vibrations of Apology, Love, Gratitude and Respect. You can hold both of your hands toward the glass, and visualize that the vibrations emitting from your heart will be projected into the water of the glass through your hands. Please see that each water molecule in the glass is brilliantly shining like a tiny sun. (You can close your eyes during this process, if it is more comfortable for you during the visualization and meditation)

Next, please intend that the vibrations of your prayer of Love, Gratitude, and Respect in the glass of water will transmit into all the water of Lake Baikal through the photograph of Lake Baikal. As all water is connected through collective consciousness, your prayer dedicated to the glass of water will naturally expand into the water of Lake Baikal.

Following the prayer to Lake Baikal, please intend that the vibrations, which now fill the water of Lake Baikal, will spread to the waters all over the world. Visualize that all the water molecules on Earth are beautifully emitting golden and silver light. Visualize Planet Earth in front of you, surrounded by a glowing gold and silver light.

Please intend that the vibrations and frequencies of the water of Lake Baikal and the waters of the world are being raised during the full hour from 5pm to 6pm on Sunday, August 3. You can also add your own prayer to the water, meditation, chanting, music, songs, dancing, and so on intending the same purpose.

Please focus your awareness with the thousands of people praying at the Shaman Rock of Olkhon Island, and around the world simultaneously with you. Through the water, we will be connected as One.

Dr. Korotkov using a technique, which he developed, (called GDV Bioelectrography) will measure the energy change of the water of Lake Baikal, before and after the Ceremony. Please visit his site at

Also, before and after the Ceremony, the staff of my HADO INSTITUTE, in Tokyo, will photograph the water crystals of Lake Baikal. We will post photographs and images from the experiment onto our web site....

Please forward this message to your circle of friends and family, and let us create powerful healing and change for all the precious water on the planet.
Thank you for your cooperation.

I look forward to connecting with you in prayer and intention.

With Love and Gratitude,
Dr. Masaru Emoto

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