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Please join us for the Solstice event on 21 December 2012

 Solstice group distant healing event

21 December 2012

Completion of the “Great Cycle” of the Long Count
On the 13th baktun, on in the Mayan calendar

Winter Solstice in the North
Summer Solstice in the South
-All are welcome to participate in this event -

The Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project will be hosting a group distant healing event on the Solstice, Friday 21 December, starting at 5 pm GMT/Universal Time and continuing for about 3 hours, ending around 8 pm GMT/Universal Time. To check the starting time in your part of the world, please go to this link.

The actual moment of Solstice is at 11:11 GMT/UT on 21 December, 2012, and corresponds to the completion of the Mayan calendar' current “Great Cycle” of the Long Count on the 13th baktun, on Using the most common conversion to our modern calendar (the Gregorian calendar) the end of the “Great Cycle” corresponds to 11:11 GMT/Universal Time (UTC), December 21, 2012, hence the myriad of doomsday prophecies surrounding this date.

All people and animals everywhere in the world are welcome to join us for this event, either on a once-off donation basis or by opting for annual membership to Earth Heal, and being included in all our distant healing events for the coming year. Those in disadvantaged circumstances are included on a pro bono basis, so please feel free to participate.

The treatment will include more than 200 participants globally, and will be facilitated by Edna Spennato in the center of Bahia, Brazil, working under guidance from the collective Higher Self of the group.

Ten surrogates, two in Brazil, two in South Africa, one in Ireland, one in Britain, three in the USA, and one in Austria, will anchor incoming healing energy during the treatment process and release the energies that are "no longer needed" on behalf of the participants and the planetary morphic field as a whole.

General info about the upcoming Solstice event

During the treatment process, we will be working with the energy field of each participant individually and as part of the group, and participants will be anchoring the planetary healing energies in their part of the world, releasing disharmonic energy and receiving healing energy on an individual and collective level.

We use a cutting-edge distant healing method known as Synchronization Harmonics, and for those who have never before experienced distant healing work, this is the ideal opportunity.

After each healing event, feedback and detailed reports about what came up during the treatment process for the group, as well as for the collective consciousness on a planetary level, are mailed to participants.

First-time participants should e-mail us their details and pics as soon as possible, and no later than 3 pm GMT/UT on Friday, 21 December.

The end of the Great Cycle of the Long Count on in the Mayan Calendar

The Mayan calendar moves in cycles with the current Long Cycle ending on 21 December 2012, a date that corresponds with the December Solstice, which has played a significant role in many cultures all over the world.

The Maya didn't invent the calendar, it was used by most cultures in pre-Columbian Central America – including the Maya – from around 2000 BC to the 16th century. The Mayan civilization developed the calendar further and it's still in use in some Maya communities today.

Wheels Within Wheels

The Mayan Calendar consists of three separate corresponding calendars, the Long Count, the Tzolkin (divine calendar) and the Haab (civil calendar). Time is cyclical in the calendars and a set number of days must occur before a new cycle can begin.

The three calendars are used simultaneously. The Tzolkin and the Haab identify and name the days, but not the years. The Long Count date comes first, then the Tzolkin date and last the Haab date. A typical Mayan date would read: 4 Ahau 8 Kumku, where is the Long Count date, 4 Ahau is the Tzolkin date and 8 Kumku is the Haab date.

More info at this link.

An excerpt from 2012: The Astrology Chart by Carl Boudreau

Image credit: 2012timeforchange

The Long Transformation

Just out of curiosity, I decided to study the chart for December 21, 2012, 11:11 am GMT. That moment marks the end of the Mayan Calendar. This date has attracted considerable interest in the New Age community in recent years and sparked much speculation. Many see it as a major turning point in world history, no more, no less.

I came away believing that the chart for the end of the Mayan Calendar is, indeed, very significant. The chart contains very powerful and rare planetary relationships. And it does, indeed, describe an extremely important and probably very difficult historical transition.

The 2012 chart also summarizes, expands and clarifies the message of the other charts I have studied in relation to the current world crisis. This is is true to such an extent that the 2012 chart does indeed appear to provide the key to understanding the world's current difficulties.

Read in full at this link.

Other links related to 21 December 2012:

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didgeridoo 533 - The next Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation will be happening on the 21 December 2012 at your local sunset time. This will be the biggest didgeridoo circle yet.
 - You may now view Shift of the Ages in high definition through the Shift of the Ages website.  It is offered freely between now and Friday December 21st, 2012.

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 - December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world, but the end of a particular cycle in the Mayan calendar. The next similar marker of time in regard to the end of a cycle in the Mayan Calendar is October 13, 4772, nearly 4,000 years from now.
 - Research is showing that being exposed to the Schumann Resonance of planet Earth is absolutely integral to us. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronizes our circadian rhythms, and it aids our immune system and improves our sense of well being. 
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 - Few know what the Mayan priests actually said about 2012. In reality, Mayan elders say something very different from what you might have heard.
For example, Wakatel Utiw says that the end of the Maya calendar has nothing to do with the end of the world.


This is an opportunity to harmonise our rhythms with the solar cycle and to utilise the powerful incoming energies available for personal and planetary healing on this very special day. The December Solstice occurs at 11:11 GMT/UT on 21 December, 2012.  For more info, go to this link.

The December Solstice occurs when the sun is at its furthest point from the equator – it reaches its southernmost point and the earth’s South Pole tilts directly towards the sun, at about 23.5 degrees. It is also known as the southern solstice because it occurs when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere.

The December Solstice marks the middle of the summer season in the southern hemisphere. The word solstice is from the Latin word “solstitium”, meaning “sun-stopping”, because the point at which the sun appears to rise and set stops and reverses direction after this day.

In the northern hemisphere, the December Solstice is known as the shortest day of the year. It is when the sun has reached its furthest point from the equator and marks the middle of winter.

Those living or traveling to the south of the Antarctic Circle are able to see the "midnight sun", where the sun remains visible throughout the night, while those living or traveling to the northern Arctic Circle will not see the sun at all during this time of the year.

The December solstice has influenced the lives of many people over the centuries, particularly through art, literature, mythology and religion. For more info about December Solstice traditions and customs, go to this link. 

Ancient architecture aligned to the Solstice

Ancient traditions regarded the Solstice as a powerful time to initiate changes and shift into a new reality, and and the ancient people of the earth built their tombs, temples, cairns and sacred observatories so that they aligned with the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Many people are aware of Stonehenge being a perfect marker of both solstices. But not so many are familiar with Newgrange, a beautiful megalithic stone-age site in Ireland, built some 5,300 years ago, which makes it more than 600 years older than the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, and 1,000 years more ancient than Stonehenge.

Known in Gaelic as Uaimh na Gréine, 'the cave of the sun', certain stone carvings in the inner sanctum at Newgrange are illuminated by the sun for only one memorable moment every year, at dawn on the winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, which this year occurs on December 21. At all other times of the year the tomb is shrouded in darkness.

The light of the rising sun enters the roofbox at Newgrange and penetrates the passage, shining onto the floor of the inner chamber. The sunbeam illuminates the chamber of Newgrange for just 17 minutes.

As the inner sanctum can only hold 20 or so people, attendance at this once in a lifetime event is decided each year by lottery!

Newgrange has some stunning examples of megalithic art, including the famous triple spiral, which is found on the entrance stone and in the inner chamber, and which the Synchronizations Harmonics logo is based upon (SH is the healing method used during Earth Heal's distant healing events).

Believed to be the palace of Aengus, the ancient Irish god of love and fertility, huge circular stone structure and passage tomb was known in the past as Brugh na Boinne on the River Boyne. 

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