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Friday 22 August - Please send your prayers and healing energy to the thousands of people being tortured during incarceration

Special focus on Aafia Siddiqui and Mohammed Omar

Friday 15 August
& Friday 22 August

5 pm - 8 pm GMT/UT

The Earth Heal Clinic invites all people everywhere to send prayers and healing energy to support the energy work, starting at 5 pm GMT/UT and continuing until 8 pm GMT/UT on both days. To view the starting time in your own part of the world, go to this link at the World Clock.

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

The treatment will focus on easing the suffering of the 36 year old Pakistani neuroscientist, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, as well as her rapid release and full recovery, on all levels, and the safety of her three children. Dr. Siddiqui was kidnapped in Karachi in 2003, together with her children (the youngest was just a one month old baby at the time) by Pakistani special forces, and was one of more than 1000 people who have "disappeared" since 2001 in Pakistan during Musharraf's regime, and were handed over to the USA for large amounts of money.

Musharraf is said to have boasted about receiving bounty money for Pakistani citizens: “We have captured 689 [members of Al Qaeda] and handed over 369 to the United States. We have earned bounties totalling millions of dollars. Those who habitually accuse us of ‘not doing enough’ in the war on terror should simply ask CIA how much prize money it has paid to the government of Pakistan,” boasts General Musharraf on page 237 of his autobiography..."

Updated on 19 August: Thousands of people across Pakistan have been protesting the human rights abuses for weeks, and on Sunday 17 August, a crowd of around 4000 in Karachi burnt the US flag and an effigy of George W. Bush in protest at Dr Siddiqui's treatment, leading to the resignation on Monday 18 August of Musharraf, who was facing charges of impeachment for the assassinatin of Benazir Bhutto and human rights abuses, including the kidnapping and trafficking of more than 1000 Pakistani citizens. The politically explosive issue of the "disappeared" is entangled with what has become a drawn-out dispute over the restoration of judges fired last year by Musharraf, including Chief Justice Chaudhry, who had been taking measures to help the missing-persons cases move forward.

Dr. Siddiqui's plight has been brought to world attention by the Cage Prisoner Campaign started by British journalist, Yvonne Ridley, and supported by Pakistan political leader, Imran Khan, Lord Nazir Ahmed of the House of Lords, and British MP and RESPECT Party leader, George Galloway. Lord Nazir reported that Dr. Siddiqui, who is said to have lost her sanity as a result of the trauma, is "physically tortured and continuously raped by the officers at prison...has no separate toilet facilities and has to attend to her bathing and movements in full view of the other prisoners."

Dr. Siddaqui has been held for more than five years at US Bagram prison in Afghanistan. She is also suffering from a recent bullet wound in the abdomen, for which she has not yet received medical treatment, and which has reportedly gone septic. Here is what the Human Rights Commission reported on Aafia's state:"One kidney removed while in captivity; her teeth removed; her nose broken and improperly reset; her recent gun shot wound incompletely bandaged, oozing blood and soaking her clothes in blood."

Saghir Hussain, a lawyer and member of Cageprisoners, has spoken about extent of the "disappeared" from Pakistan, individuals who have been literally kidnapped from the streets: "All...have been illegally abducted by secretive intelligence agencies. They began disappearing in 2001 during the so-called war on terror," he said. "Prisoner 650 is just the tip of a very nasty iceberg of human rights abuses, illegal detentions and rendition flights. It is a shameful episode in Pakistan's history which must be put right."

Please send a prayer for the healing of Dr. Siddiqui any time before or during the treatment process on both days. For more info, see the links at the bottom of this post. To help Dr. Siddiqui at a grassroots level, please take part in the Urgent Appeal to Action called by the Asian Human Rights Commission, and sign the petitions at The Petition Site and IPetitions.

Mohammed Omar

We will also be doing healing work for the courageous 24 year-old Palestinian journalist, Mohammed Omar, who has been reporting from the front lines inside Gaza since the age of 17.

John Pilger writes: "Every day, he reports from a war zone, where he is also a prisoner. His homeland, Gaza, is surrounded, starved, attacked, forgotten. He is a profoundly humane witness to one of the great injustices of our time. He is the voice of the voiceless." The eldest of eight, Mohammed has seen most of his siblings killed or wounded or maimed. An Israeli bulldozer crushed his home while the family were inside, seriously injuring his mother. And yet, says a former Dutch ambassador, Jan Wijenberg, "he is a moderating voice, urging Palestinian youth not to court hatred but seek peace with Israel".

Omar was seized and tortured by Shin Bet at the Allenby crossing into Gaza while on his way back from a European tour in June, after being awarded the Martha Gellhorn prize in London for investigative reporting. He has suffered long-term injuries and a nervous breakdown as a result of the abuse.

Omar wrote after his ordeal: "…They dragged me by my feet, sweeping my head through my own vomit. I lost consciousness. I was told later that they transferred me to a hospital only when they thought I might die.Today, I have difficulty breathing. I have abrasions and scratches on my chest and neck. My hands don’t function well; typing is difficult. My doctor informed me that due to nerve damage from one kick, I may be unable to father children and will need to have an operation..."

As horrendous as the treatment of Omar was, his case is just one of thousands. "Israeli human rights groups have documented the routine torture of Palestinians by Shin Bet agents with "beatings, painful binding, back bending, body stretching and prolonged sleep deprivation". Amnesty has long reported the widespread use of torture by Israel, whose victims emerge as mere shadows of their former selves. Some never return…." (Pilger). Alison Weir has documented some of the routine brutal abuse which takes place at Israeli check points, and which is ignored by AP and the mainstream media. For more info, see the links below this post.

Please send prayer and healing energy for Mohammed's full recovery on all levels, any time before or during the treatment process on both days. To help Muhammed and other victims of Israel's human rights abuses at a grassroots level, and have the restrictions on journalists in the occupied territories lifted, please sign the petition here.

Please send your love and light to all the "disappeared" of the world

Please extend your prayer to the collective consciousness of all the people suffering in horrendous conditions in detention around the world, including places like Bagram naval base in Afghanistan, Guatanamo in Cuba, Abu Ghraib in Iraq, detention centres in Israel and Burma, and hundreds of other places of incarceration around the world, where the "disappeared" victims of the new inquisition live in conditions worse than hell, including women, children, and even babies.

During the treatments on 15 and 22 August, we will also be facilitating planetary healing work for the Highest Good of All, under guidance from the collective Higher Self for the ongoing situation in Georgia.

The Earth Heal Clinic provides distant healing work on a pro bono basis to those in real need, including refugees, people in war-torn areas, indigent and homeless people, as well as animals.

Please consider making a donation to support the ongoing work of the Clinic, via this link.

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