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As is Above, So is Below

A reading following the Day Out of Time event on 15 July...

Greetings from Edna, the facilitator for the event...

The work done for participants on 25 July was on many levels mirrored by the work done for the planet as a whole, as preparation for the very intense period which followed, starting with the total Solar Eclipse on August 1, then the 8 - 8 - 8 Gateway, when the magnificent crop circle in the photograph above appeared in the early hours in a field in Wiltshire, England, with the simultaneous focusing of mass consciousness on the opening of the Olympic Games in China. The period of intensity continued till the partial Lunar Eclipse on August 16.

July 25 also marked the day designated as the Global Day of Love and Gratitude to Water, and the collective of beings of light who work with us during these events placed particular emphasis this time on supporting the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who was to conduct a Love and Gratitude to Water ceremony at Lake Baikal on August 3, a few days after our event. All the details about the work done for the energy field and overlighting deva of the lake during the treatment process on July 25 can be seen here. A powerful earthquake rocked the region on August 27, with Lake Baikal at the epicentre. Although the earthquake reached nine on the Richter Scale, no casualties or destruction were reported!

Despite the range of time periods and situations where disharmonic energies were cleared during the treatment process, it could be said that the main theme of the treatment process was the strengthening of two particular inherent positive qualities, for both participants and for the planetary morphic field as a whole:
  • the ability to be "easy-going"
  • the ability to feel really clean inside and outside (not tarnished by one's experiences and the experiences of previous generations)
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A brief synopsis of information which came up for both participants and the morphic field of the planet is shown below - a summary of the steps which were repeated three or more times during the treatment process.

For all the details, it's recommended that you look at Part One and Part Two of the report itself.

At the start of the treatment process, it was indicated that work would be done for all of the participants, as well as for the planetary energy fields shown below, though specific information about what was actually being shifted or cleared was only received for those shown in this colour:

The collective consciousness of…

The Earth as a whole**
The energy field beyond that of the Earth**
The continent of Asia, as a whole*
Lake Baikal in Siberia (see this link for more info at the Earth Heal Blog)
The North Pole**
The USA**

The relationship between the collective consciousness and…

The element of Water, and the oceans, rivers, lakes of the planet**
The element of Air and the atmosphere of the planet**
Geological/seismic events e.g. earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, occurring in various places
The animal kingdom as a while**
The mineral kingdom**
Natural disasters occurring in various locations around the globe e.g. hurricanes
The mainstream media**
President Chavez of Venezuela*
The upcoming election in the USA
The New World Order/Illuminati*

Steps which came up at least 3 times in the treatment process

For participants

On a physical level

- the pons area of the brain

- the pineal gland

- a detoxification of old chemical and drug poisons was triggered

For participants as well as the collective energy field of the planet

On a physical level

- the physical body as a whole

- the production of neurotransmitters in the brain

- old scar tissue on a physical level, as well as "old scarring" on other levels


- Base

- Throat

- Heart

- 10th chakra


- Perception - the way we perceive ourselves and the world

- Grounding to Mother Earth

- Stabilized the energy field before continuing at a deeper level

- Harmonised the physical and subtle bodies

Suppressed emotions/tendencies related to collective history which were cleared included:

- feeling as though we are regarded by others as being 'expendable'

Positive inherent qualities being strengthened or reactivated collectively by the clearing of "old stuff" included:

- the ability to be "easy-going"

- the ability to feel really clean inside and outside (not tarnished by one's experiences and the experiences of previous generations)

Some of the other interesting steps from the treatment process:

For the collective energy field of the planet

- Healing energy was channeled in by beings of light working for the highest good of all, including Lazarus, Thoth and Babaji

- Old programming was cleared on a collective level (going back to various eras, including 1932 – 52 (re the upcoming election in the USA), 1957 – 68 (Vietnam), and 1972 – 94 (Earth as a whole), which has been affecting the collective energy field.

- A Buddhic Column was set up for all participants and over Lake Baikal for protection during an ongoing release.

- Cleared unneeded energies for Lake Baikal related to a "parallel reality" in a future time line, 2069 – 2093.

For all participants

- The Phoenix Ceremony was conducted to clear unneeded energies.

- Healing energy was channeled in from the Star Nation People and the Christ Consciousness.

For female participants

- Healing energy was channeled in from Lazarus, and we worked with "probable realities'.

For male participants

- Healing energy was channeled in from Edgar Cayce and Alcyone, the Central Sun.

For the children and babies who participated

- Cleared "old programming" going back to 1933 – 1963, with an emphasis on strengthening "the ability to live in a prudent way".

For the animals who participated

- Cleared effects of Hartmann Lines (geopathic stress).

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