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Edna's Journey - Part Three

Dreaming Synchronization Harmonics into being

Part Three

Continued from Part Two 

By Edna Spennato

Inspired by the fact that Reiki works at a distance, and by the potential for sending healing energy to parts of the planet experiencing pain and to the consciousness of the Earth herself, I designed the Earth Heal globe, to be used by healers and people meditating for world peace, and in the meantime continued to work with clients in my private practice at home.

It was clear that the channeling in of Reiki energy increased feelings of well being in most of my clients, but I also wanted to find a way to clear disharmonic energies from the energy field at a deep level, not only for individuals, but also for families and larger groups of people, and for animals.

More and more inspired to work with the consciousness of the Earth herself, I started to search for a distant healing method that would make it possible to clear dissonant energies from energy fields larger than the individual person, under guidance from the devas (overlighting nature spirits) and collective consciousness themselves, such as areas of land or water, or even entire countries. I knew there must be a way to do this, but my explorations of the various healing methods available at that time in Cape Town did not unearth (excuse the pun) what I was seeking.

However, by following my intuition and the signs, I was fortunate to meet and spend time with people who understood how the ancient ones had communicated with nature and with Mother Earth herself, and these included the Hopi peace emissary, Roy Littlesun (see pic below), and Credo Mutwa (pic on the left), the high sanusi (shaman) of the Zulu people, who took us to some of the amazing sacred sites in South Africa where several ceremonies combining Zulu and Hopi teachings were conducted to united the energies of Africa and the Americas.

I continued looking for the evasive healing method that I could feel existed "out there" somewhere, and began to experience a deep yearning to find an effective way to communicate with the unseen world. I could almost taste and smell the healing method I required, but still had no idea where to find it.

I guess my sincere yearning was sending a pretty clear message to the universe, and I had also shown, by throwing all caution to the wind with the Earth Heal globe project, that I would follow my heart, my dreams and the signs when inspired, and that I was willing to do the work required to bring a marvelous idea into physical manifestation.

At first, when the information started to come through, which was to become Synchronization Harmonics®, I could hardly believe that my sincere search for such a healing approach could actually have attracted the information that I needed to me, but I realised that the beings of light had at some point decided to entrust me with something they had been holding safe until the right time came to give it to people to use again.

As time went by, I began to understand that bringing through, developing and using this healing method was part of my life task, and that I had a made a contract to do so, before incarnating in this lifetime.

It started to unfold out of the blue one night in 1996 when I woke up around 2.22 am (I always remember this number because it was unusual), fresh from a vivid dream in which a group of beings of light had met with me and explained that I would be receiving, through a series of dreams over the coming weeks and months, the basic building blocks for a healing method which had once been used by the ancient Maya, but which I would knit together and develop in such a way that people could relate to, who were living in the 21st century. These light beings included Maya lords of time, who work with synchronicity and timing, Archangel Raphael, Ascended masters Kwan Yin and Lao Tsu (whose famous quote I only read later, and it really made me smile: "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step"), as well as several other beings of light, some whose names I recognised, and others I did not yet know.

Over the weeks which followed that first dream, I was awoken at around the same time each night after dreaming, or more accurately, downloading the information in a visual way, which I recalled vividly after awakening, and would spend the next hour or two drawing and writing it all down,. After a couple of months, I had filled several notebooks, and they piled up to the thickness of two telephone directories. Knitting it together was going to be interesting!

At first I had no idea where to begin, but fortunately a friend who trusted me made himself available to lie on the massage table as a guinea pig through the testing process, and by dowsing and muscle-testing using his arm a few times each week, testing out the intricate maps coming through in the dreams and asking my unseen helpers how to use them, I was able to refine the source info which was coming through in the dreams, make sense of it, put it together and develop it into what was turning out to be a very easily accessible method of healing.

The beings of light showed me that this healing approach is, in several ways, fundamentally different from others being used in current times. At first I was actually flabbergasted to realise how different it actually was, having expected something slightly more like other methods I'd come across. The approach they were presenting to me was on one level intricate and complex, offering very specific information about the nature of the disharmonic energies being cleared, yet also very simple, requiring no memorizing on the part of the practitioner. The challenge for healing facilitators using this method is rather to develop the confidence needed to communicate effectively and quickly with the other (unseen) members of the team and the Higher Self of the client, using a combination of dowsing and muscle-testing (two skills which in my experience can be learned by anyone who sincerely wants to learn them).

It was presented as an approach requiring from the practitioner an attitude of humbleness and respect, to regard herself as just one member of a team of beings of light carrying out the treatment, the physical member who is in communication throughout the healing process with the other members of the team, the light beings. in this way, the approach encourages practitioners to stay out of their egos, and never to "play God".

Each treatment process begins by asking for permission from the Higher Self of the energy field(s) being worked on, and then asking for each step in the treatment process from the Higher Self of the client and the other members of the team, via dowsing, until the end of the process. The facilitator in other words is not required to be an "expert" at anything, to work anything out, or to remember anything, but she is required to be able to communicate effectively and with trust and confidence, in order to be able to receive the information she needs to conduct the treatment process from start to finish.

The approach also allows the facilitator to stay out of her head with ease, because all the specific information coming through from the unseen world is in the form of many thousands of numbers tied to words and phrases, which the facilitator could not possibly remember with her left brain, and which are obtained by dowsing.

As time went on, I learned that it was an approach which empowers both the client and the healing facilitator, who learns to refine her own shamanistic abilities (her ability to communicate with the unseen world), rather than giving her power to "the teacher", and relying on someone else's connection to the unseen world.

This approach offers no procedure as such which is given to "the teacher" by unseen beings, and then handed over to her students who are expected to apply it as closely as possible, but rather an approach which enables each practitioner to receive the information she needs directly from the Higher Self of the client, step by step, as the treatment process unfolds. When the client being worked with is a group of people or animals, or a property, the facilitator receives the information directly from the collective Higher Self.

This open-ended approach also means that the treatment process is unlimited and has an infinite number of possibilities. It is as complex as the experience of the facilitator and her field of reference allows, and related to what is needed at that moment by the energy field of the client, as communicated to the practitioner by the Higher Self.

The source material for Synchronization Harmonics® came through almost 12 years ago, and I could write a lot about my experiences of using it since that time, but for the sake of brevity these stories will have to wait for a future time. I have taught this approach to about 40 people over the years and have been using it myself for private work on individual people and animals, as well as the energy fields of many houses, business, properties, bodies of water, areas of land, countries and the morphic field of the planet as a whole.

It is the healing method we teach at the Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project, and use for group distant healing events conducted for hundreds of people and animals on certain dates of the year.


Edna Spennato developed the healing approach known as Synchronization Harmonics®, and is the founding director of the Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project. She is based in Brazil and South Africa and teaches and practices her healing method, offering private treatments for individuals and groups, humans and animals, and for homes, properties, businesses and projects. She also facilitates group distant healing events regularly for the planetary energy field, including hundreds of people and animals each time, and participation in the group healing events is open to all.

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