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Edna's Journey - Part Two

- The First Big Test -

The Earth Heal Globe Project

Part Two

Continued from Part One.

By Edna Spennato

During my Reiki training with the remarkable Rita Baptista, it had been amazing to discover that Reiki worked at a distance via the use of a “surrogate”, in other words, by placing one’s hands on a pillow or even a teddy bear, and directing the healing energy to the person located far away, via the surrogate which represented their physical body.

One morning I was thinking about how it may be possible to use a pillow or some such thing to send healing energy to the energy field of the Earth, when the idea just “dropped into my head” (in a way that indicated to me that my muse was behind it) that it would be wonderful to create a very special surrogate of the Earth, to send healing energy to the energy field of the planet, as a whole. But I had no idea yet what it would be made of or how it could be done.

Then early one morning, after sleeping all night under the stars next to a camp fire, the design for the Earth Heal globe arrived in a dream, complete down to the finest detail. I awoke with my skin covered in goose bumps, knowing it was something very special, because nothing had ever excited me as much as this idea. It was the closest resonance I’d ever felt to my life task.

Over the years, I’d gotten to know my muse, the gentle, feminine being who’d been there all along, providing inspiration for many creative endeavors, and I could feel her encouraging me to keep visualizing this
huggable Earth. But I was aware too of the excitement of several other beings who seemed to be part of this idea, at having found a human being able to receive the idea, and also one who was mad enough to seriously consider committing to the production and distribution of a great number of these huggable earths!

The dream had shown that it was to be a realistically coloured soft sculpture of the planet, as though seen from space, without national boundaries, but showing the dragon lines (ley lines) and the major power points of the planet. I still did not really know where these might be, but in the dream my friend Natalia seemed to know which book I should access for that information, and I decided to give her a call immediately to find out which book she suggested!
The design was to be done from six watercolours of the planet, one for each of the six panels making up the globe, and the watercolours were to be created in an atmosphere of peace, whilst contemplating maps showing the entire service of the earth. It was not important for every tiny island on the earth’s surface to show in the final printed globe, but it was crucial that for the artist who painted the original watercolour to connect with intention to every part of the entire planet while doing the artwork.

Once the six watercolours had been completed, the originals were then to be photographed and colour-separated, resulting in six sets of 4-colour separations, or 24 silk-screens altogether (mama mia, this was a formidable number in anyone’s book, even for someone like me, who was an experienced printmaker, but had never produced a work on fabric using 24 screens, and certainly not an edition of hundreds, or potentially, thousands, of a consistent quality!).

The dream showed the globe with a pocket going into its center, in which the person using it could put their favorite crystal or some other magical item, and that each globe would be individually blessed with the distant Reiki symbols before being distributed.Working out the rough cost of producing the globes, I discovered that just the colour separations and silk screens alone would be very expensive, making it unfeasible to produce fewer than two hundred globes, and that these would have to be sold quickly to break even. Several thousand Rands would be required for this first run, and in the absence of funding from any other source, the only money available was my own funds, already ear-marked to cover the costs of a range of winter garments planned for a stall at Greenmarket Square, which is the way I made my living at that time. This meant that unless the Earth Heal globes literally sold like hot cakes after they hit the shelves, I could end up going bankrupt!

However, the urge to get started with the artwork was irresistible, and I began the watercolour panels and read the book Natalia had recommended, entitled Rising Out of Chaos by Simon Peter Fuller, and it not only showed the power points and ley lines of the planet, but also discussed a concept I had never heard about before, called the New Jerusalem, which the author described as “the seat of the Christ Consciousness”, currently located in the Wiltshire area of England. This was to become highly significant for me a few days later, as I describe further on.

At that time, my brother Blaise, a very sensible person not given to flights of wild imagination, who designed clothing for his own company in Cape Town, popped in to have some tea, hear about my “new idea”, and see the six watercolour panels which had by this time been completed over an intensive two-week period.

Pointing out all the reasons why I would be ill-advised to undertake this “latest escapade”, including the fact that nothing seemed to indicate the existence of a market at that time for a soft sculpture of the planet, he pleaded with me not to do it. “Stick with sweat-shirts, Edna, at least you know they’ll sell,” were his parting words as he dashed off, leaving me to ponder the situation alone at home.

His words made sense. It would be taking a huge risk to produce the globes, given the fact that the only funds available were those needed for generating a living from my stall. Yet somehow I simply could not let go of this marvelous idea, and having already completed the watercolour, I could already see the finished product in my mind’s eye.

I sat down with a sigh. This was truly one of those times when I needed a clear and unambiguous sign from my guides to indicate whether or not to go ahead with the project. Despite his good advice, nothing had ever felt more right to me in my life than this project just waiting to be manifested, but I needed a clear confirmation from my guidance before I could follow my heart on this one, seemingly against sensible logic. I decided to ask my Higher self and guides for a sign, explaining that it had to be clear and unmistakable, indicating their green light to go ahead with the project if indeed this was for the Highest Good of All, and that I’d appreciate it if the sign came through within the next couple of hours, as time was of the essence!

With that, I put on the kettle and decided to find some music to listen to while I was waiting for the sign to appear. As I placed my hand into my box of cassette tapes (this was the early nineties, before we had CDs!), I became aware that something significant was about to happen, and that I needed to “feel” which tape to choose. I tuned in, found one that felt right, pulled it out, and looked at the title. I didn’t recognise it and had never noticed it before in my box of music, so already things were starting to feel slightly magical. Later I found out that it had gotten mixed up with my tapes during a trip to Namibia in a friend’s father’s car a few weeks earlier, and ended up coming home with me by accident (and I also knew there were no “accidents”).

The cassette belonged to my friend’s father and was entitled Great Religious Hymns. “Oh boy,” I thought, when I read the title, which didn’t sound like my cup of tea at all, wondering what my guides could be planning to come up with this time! But I trusted the flow, and without reading the titles of the individual songs on the cassette, I placed it in my music system and pressed the “play” button, not really expecting any major sign from the universe to come booming through within the next minute or two.And then the music began, softly at the start and then building to a crescendo. I didn’t recognise it at first, but then I heard the words of a well-known hymn called The New Jerusalem, which is often sung in the Anglican church. It’s about the Christ Consciousness and the New Jerusalem being in England, just what Simon Peter Fuller had described in his book!

My blood “ran cold”, as they say, and goose bumps covered my entire skin. This sign was indeed unmistakable. I was being advised in no uncertain terms to “go for it” with the Earth Heal globe project, and in the next few months would produce and distribute more than two thousand of the globes, even giving one personally to the Dalai Llama when he visited Cape Town soon after the first run was completed.

But the first two that were produced were given "hot off the press" to Natalia Baker and Simon Peter Fuller, who helped me find the information I needed to bring them into manifestation.

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Edna Spennato developed the healing approach known as Synchronization Harmonics®, and is the founding director of the Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project. She is based in Brazil and South Africa and teaches and practices her healing method, offering private treatments for individuals and groups, humans and animals, and for homes, properties, businesses and projects. She also facilitates group distant healing events regularly for the planetary energy field, including hundreds of people and animals each time, and participation in the group healing events is open to all.

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