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Join us for the Full Moon healing event on 18 February!

Estuary at Maori Beach, Rakiura, Aotearoa - New Zealand
Full Moon group distant healing event

18 February 2011

Linking with the 29th sacred site Full Moon attunement of the
Grand Maya Itza Council, to be focused on the Maori sacred site at

Maori Beach, Rakiura (Stewart Island)
Aotearoa - New Zealand

- All are welcome to participate in this event -

All beings everywhere are invited to join us for this global distant healing event, starting at 5 pm GMT/UTC on Friday, 18 February. To check the starting time in your part of the world, go to this link at the World Clock.

We will also be linking with the 29th Full Moon sacred site attunement of the Grand Maya Itza Council for the sacred site of Maori Beach on Stewart Island, the most southerly part of Aotearoa - New Zealand (more info below).

The treatment process will be facilitated by Edna Spennato, located on the NE coast of Brazil, with a surrogate assisting locally in Brazil and five other surrogates anchoring the healing energy and releasing unneeded energies in South Africa, Ireland, Austria and the USA, on behalf of all the participants and the collective consciousness.

Around 200 participants around the globe will be focusing their combined consciousness with the intention of assisting the collective healing for the highest good of all during this event, which will begin at 2 pm local Brazilian time (5 pm GMT) and will continue for approximately 3 hours.

Participation is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, on a donation basis. To be included as a participant, please see the links below. Those who cannot afford a donation are included on a pro bono basis.

Or participants may choose to take advantage of annual membership to Earth Heal, and be included in all of our distant healings events for a year. For more info about how to become an annual member of Earth Heal, go to this link.

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The Maya Full Moon attunement for Maori Beach, Rakiura (Stewart Island), Aotearoa - New Zealand

The Grand Maya Itza Council will be making a journey in spirit on 18 February to the sacred site of Maori Beach on Rakiura, the pristine southern-most island of Aotearoa - New Zealand, covered in temperate rain forests that have not changed for thousands of years.

It will be the 29th sacred site attunement in a sequence of 52 Full Moon ceremonies leading up to the Full Moon of 28 December, 2012, and the 3rd attunement in the third cycle of four 13-moon cycles which began on 13 November 2008.

Maori Beach is situated on the north east coast of Rakiura, a few miles north of Halfmoon Bay (see map on the right), close to a place called Horseshoe Bay.

As one of several focuses for the planetary side of our healing event, we will be tuning in with the Maya during the full moonrise in our own parts of the world, and sending our collective love and healing to Maori Beach and to all of the ancient sacred sites of the Waitaha or First People who inhabited the land of Aotearoa, today known as New Zealand, before the arrival of the Maori and later, the Europeans.

Many of these megalithic sites  are marked with stone constructions and stone circles. More info about the ancient inhabitants of Aotearoa below.

Stone cairns at Puketapu hill in the Waitapu Valley
- an ancient solar observatory

For the list of the 52 sacred sites and the full moon dates on which the Maya will be attuning each site, go to this link.

Rakiura (Stewart Island)

Rakiura is the Maori name for Stewart Island. It translates as "the Land of the Glowing Skies", probably referring to the night-time displays of Aurora Australis, the Southern Lights.

It is the third-largest island of NZ, lying 30 kilometres south of the South Island and has a population of just over 400 people, most of whom live in the settlement of Horseshoe Bay, also known as Oban.

Rakiura Island is the southernmost rain forest in the world and a refuge for many of New Zealand's endemic species.  It's mist-drenched forests provide insight into what mainland New Zealand was like before the arrival of humans.

Captain Cook  is commonly thought to have been the first European to sight the island in 1770, but he assumed it was part of South Island, and not a separate island. Stewart Island was named  in honour of William W. Stewart, who was first officer on the ship Pegasus, which visited from Port Jackson (Sydney), Australia, in 1809 on a sealing expedition. Stewart charted the island, thus proving it really was an island and not part of South Island.

Most of the island has rceently been declared part of Rakiura National Park.

Walking trail leading to Maori Beach

The pre-Maori First People of Aotearoa - the Waitaha

There is evidence of advanced human settlements in New Zealand at least 2000 years ago, and probably as far back as 2500 BC. The peaceful First People that inhabited the land before the migration of several warring tribes from the Pacific around 800 years ago were enslaved, killed and sometimes even eaten, and the survivors were assimilated by the invading tribes, now known collectively as the Maori and officially recognized as the indigenous people of the land.

Though one of our focuses for the planetary healing side of this event is the Maya attunement for Maori Beach, it is likely that our collective higher selves will be working in a more general way with the energy of the country, to clear disharmonic energy caused by the genocide of the first human inhabitants, and that the focus will be on a clearing of all the megalithic sacred sites of New Zealand.

Journalist Gary Cook has for several years has been investigating, photographing and recording stone megaliths, domes, observatories and ritual burial sites and says a lot of what he has seen in NZ is not of Maori origin

One of his biggest finds was the Waipoua Forest stone city in Northland (see pics above zand below) which he describes as a treasure trove of pre-Maori stone structures....

However, the government of NZ has for many years been actively suppressing and even destroying evidence of ancient pre-Maori cultures , sometimes with bulldozers, including the discovery of hundreds of ancient skeletans in cave burial sites, some of them over 1.8 metres tall, some with with long blonde hair reaching to their knees, and others with red hair that resemble other mummified remains found in Peru.

Whose bones truly lie in the burial caves throughout the length and breadth of New Zealand and why has there been a concerted effort to either hide or destroy skeletal evidence?

The NZ government has made it almost impossible for scientists and archeologists to conduct DNA testing or carbon testing, and has placed a 75-year  embargo (until 2063) on the release of documents related to the stone city found in Waipoua Forest, including the information on radio carbon dating of 16 sites with nearly 2000 stones structures.

Some of the info and the government's suppression of it is discussed on this forum and also here, here and here.  The reason for the suppression of the unpalatable truth about the real First People of NZ is that the crown has already conferred "Indigenous Rights" to the Maori, and have made a huge settlement to the Maori people, who claim to be the indigenous people of the region.

Other important information comes from historian and archaeologist, Barry Brailsford, who was approached in the late `80s by Waitaha elders and asked to write down what had been, until then, the oral and very secret history of their people. The Waitaha knowledge he recorded adds more than a thousand years to documented New Zealand history.

Mr Brailsford say the Waitaha came to New Zealand from various islands in the Pacific, and that when elders foresaw the destruction of their peace-loving nation by later arrivals of warriors from the Pacific, the knowledge was not shared outside the Waitaha, to protect the sacredness of their ancestors from violence and warfare. There is an interesting discussion with him about the teachings of the Waitaha at this link.

The real knowledge of the Waitaha was kept alive in an oral tradition entrusted to just a handful of people. 
"Until now we have hidden our beginnings, and all that followed, in the shadows. In this way we protected our knowledge in the silence of the Whare Wananga, the School of Learning of Waitaha.

"For it has been decided it is time for our treasures to be brought into the light.

"We do this for the children, and their children, and all who call this land home.

"We are of Tane Matua, and we follow Rongo Marae Roa, the God of Peace."
According to Mr Brailsford, the Waitaha comprised three different peoples:
  1. The Moriori, who at the time were giants, over 1.8 metres tall and superb gardeners;
  2. The Urukehu, a fair-skinned people also known as the Starwalkers, who were skilled at reading the geometry of the stars and were the navigators guiding the people to this land;
  3. And the Kiritea or Stone people, who came from Asian lands and who carried the legendary greenstone over the mountain passes.
Waitaha elders decided to release the information about their past in line with an ancient prophesy that they say was fulfilled by a special alignment of stars in 1990, and asked Mr Brailsford to record it. The book, Song of Waitaha, was released with great ceremony in 1994 after an extraordinary journey undertaken by Mr Brailsford, which included leading a team of people across the Southern Alps to reopen old Waitaha greenstone trails that had been closed for 130 years.

Barry Brailsford has said simply, "Ten years ago when I was called to write the story of Waitaha I was told by the elders that I would be challenged by Maori who did not want the story revealed, by Pakeha in the academic world who would not believe it, and by others who would walk with their own agendas."

Read more at this link.

An excerpt from a talk given by Barry Brailsford about the First People of NZ at the Convergence Festival in 1997 at this link, and several interesting YouTube interviews with him here: Song of the Waitaha  and here.

Barry maintains that another extraordinary sacred site, the ancient Kaimanawa Forest Wall (see pics below), would link New Zealand with Egypt, South America, and other ancient civilisations.

The wall was created at least 2000 years ago by the Waitaha, who were subsequently nearly exterminated by the Maoris.

The image shows blocks, some weighing tonnes, deep in the Kaimanawa Ranges. The stones are a uniform 1.9 metres wide by 1.6 metres tall, and 1 metre wide. The faces are smooth, with no saw or adze marks, and the interfaces are knife-blade thin.

More info about the event on 18 February

During the treatment process, we will work with each participant individually and also as part of the group. The participants will be assisting the planetary healing by anchoring the healing energy in their part of the world, and releasing disharmonic energies no longer needed, on an individual and collective level. For those who have never before experienced vibrational healing work, this is the ideal opportunity.

We use a cutting-edge approach known as Synchronization Harmonics, and participation is open on a donation basis to anyone, anywhere in the world. Or you may choose to take advantage of Earth Heal annual membership at a nominal fee, to be included as a participant in group remote events to be held on the Solstices and Equinoxes as well as other significant dates over the next year, and receive a discount on private treatments arranged with Edna Spennato during the year.

Feedback from participants and detailed reports about what came up during the treatment for the group as a whole, and for the collective consciousness on a planetary level, are sent out to all participants after each remote group healing event.

First-time participants should send an e-mail to us at earthheal at gmail dot com by midnight GMT/UT on Thursday 17 February.

This is an opportunity to harmonise with the lunar cycle and the Mayan calendar, and to utilise the powerful incoming energies available for personal and planetary healing on this special day

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